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Webinar: Essential Pathway Rules and Procedures for Civil Justice Reform
Please join us on Thursday, November 8, from 1:00-2:15pm, eastern time, to hear Hon. Jerome B. Abrams (1st Jud. Dist. Ct. of MN) and Hon. Todd M. Shaughnessy (3rd Dist. Ct. of UT) discuss mandatory pathway assignments and the key differences across pathways in terms of case management and the corresponding tailored approach to rules and procedures.

Changing Times, Changing Relationships for the Bench and Civil Bar
Paula Hannaford-Agor explains how the interests of the bench and bar in delivering justice to civil litigants are no longer closely aligned, as they were for the past century. As civil litigants' needs change, courts recognize they must lead the way on civil justice reforms both for their own sake and to encourage productive change in civil legal practice.

What's New

The Judicial Council of California's Civil and Small Claims Advisory Committee drafted a legislative proposal to create three civil case tiers, with each tier having different discovery requirements and limitations based on case complexity. The goal is to make discovery more proportional to the value and nature of claims in a case.

Webinar: Learning from Arizona's Success in Civil Justice Reform
Recently Arizona's Chief Justice Scott Bales and the Arizona Civil Justice Reform Committee's Chair Don Bivens, recorded a webinar about the Committee's efforts and recommendations that have now been instituted in Arizona.

In the Journals

Studying the "New" Civil Judges
This Wisconsin Law Review article advocates for more research aimed at increasing our understanding of state civil courts and judges. The authors make some interesting points regarding in-person courtroom interactions with self-represented litigants and how written case law is not reflecting this dynamic environment.


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