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North Carolina produces new podcast

The North Carolina Judiciary has launched a new podcast, All Things Judicial, which discusses the important role the judiciary plays in state government. The bi-monthly medium features interviews from prominent members of the state's court community. Among a few of the topics already discussed on the podcast: human trafficking, Black History Month, the Chief Justice's Commission on Professionalism and the state's Guardian ad Litem program.

Florida launches court news hub

court news floridsaIn February, Florida announced the release of Court News Florida, an online resource offering readers the latest information from all levels of the state's judicial branch. The collaborative effort of the Florida Supreme Court, the Florida Office of State Courts Administrator and the Florida Court Public Information Officers, is one of the activities outlined by the state's five-year communication plan.

NCSC releases findings from study of jurors and new media

jurorsAs a result of COVID-19, research shows Americans rely even more heavily on the Internet and social media to complete everyday tasks than they did before the pandemic.  Unsurprisingly, courts in several states are piloting remote jury selection and even fully remote trials to resume jury trials safely, raising concerns about the risk of juror misconduct involving new media.  In the midst of the pandemic, NCSC surveyed judges and lawyers about their opinions and experiences with alleged juror misconduct. The report also reviews more than 20 years of case law in which the issue has been addressed.  A detailed technical report, as well as research highlights, are available here.

CCPIO hosts webinars on disrupters and disinformation


The Conference of Court Public Information Officers hosted two informative webinars in February and March.

The first one taught attendees how to effectively deal with disrupters at the courthouse. Attendees learned the difference between First Amendment auditors and sovereign citizens and how to approach these unwanted guests on courthouse property. Click here to watch the webinar. Password: CCPIOFebWebinar#

The March webinar examined Arizona Supreme Court's response to dealing with disinformation, and offered a national perspective on effective ways of countering it. Click here to watch this webinar. Password: CCPIO0323Webinar*