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Experts call for stricter social media code of conduct

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An NBC News article cited a National Center for State Court's analysis of judges' controversial social media activity. Observers believe state courts should review their guidelines and provide more clarity to protect themselves.

Is YouTube "new media?"

In June, the Washington Supreme Court reversed a superior court decision declaring a YouTuber and his channel "new media." Justice Raquel Montoya-Lewis, who wrote for the 7-2 majority, said the decision was based on the statute's language. "The manner in which we access news today is vastly different from how we did it in 2007, and this statutory definition may not comport with the current intersection of social media and the news."

Behind the scenes of Connecticut's Judicial-Media Committee


In May, journalist Karen Florin wrote about her experience as a former courts reporter and member of the Connecticut's Judicial-Media Committee, a group that works to improve relationships between the judicial branch and members of the media.

CCPIO 2021 conference highlights

The Conference of Court Public Information Officers (CCPIO) hosted its annual conference virtually from August 2-4.

Topics included:

  • Bias, diversity and inclusion: Discussions focused on varying elements of bias, diversity and inclusion in court public information. Members heard about the importance of bias training while also learning about language sensitivity.
  • High-profile trial coverage: Presenters offered insights into Hennepin County’s approach to the Derek Chauvin trial, which included a media bootcamp for reporters. Members also shared advice about how to ensure fairness and access to both traditional and non-traditional media during high-profile cases.
  • Reputation management: Experts offered strategies and tactics to counter attacks that misinformation and disinformation can create for the court.
  • How-tos: The conference also provided an opportunity for members to share tips and tricks for developing online newsletters and attractive data-centric designs.

NOTE: CCPIO members can view conference materials and discussions on Slack.

If you or a communicator in your court are interested in CCPIO membership, contact NCSC.


Why judges should engage on social media

Tune in to the Texas Appellate Law's recent podcast to hear Georgia Court of Appeals Judge Stephen Dillard explain why it's important for judges to be on social media, what they can learn from the medium and how they can engage effectively.

Court podcasts for your listening pleasure

NCSC has updated its list of "Courts and social media accounts" to include podcasts.

Notice a state court podcast missing? Email Deirdre Roesch with the name and link to the show.