Jur-E Bulletin

2019 Newsletters

February 15 Protesting a Possible Gag Order, Roger Stone Asserts Trust in American Jury Selection Procedures
February 8 Sheriff Snooping Juror Notes Causes Dismissal of Criminal Case
February 1 Does the Sixth Amendment Require a Jury Determination of Victim Restitution Amounts?
January 4 Facebook Post-Verdict Posting Questioned + A Trial Consultant Reviews His Own Jury Experience

2018 Newsletters

December 28 Sister of Prosecutor Not Removed for Cause + Jurors Recount the Traumatic Impact of Jury Service
December 20 Juror Rehabilitation Case + Quick Survey
December 14 People v. Keith Eric Wood + Victorian Juries Commissioner to Examine Juror Support
November 30 Right to Jury Trial Connected to Collateral Consequence + Bailiff Helps Save Juror’s Life
November 16 A Nice Touch + Reynolds v. Florida
November 9 Juror Impeachment of Verdicts + A little humor
October 26 Hole in the Wall + U.S. Marshals Issue Fraud Alert
October 19 A former jury coordinator in Alaska receives the 2018 G. Thomas Munsterman Award
October 12 Louisiana Constitutional Amendment + Overly Lenient Jury Service Policies
October 5 Jury Service Caption Contest + To Catch a Thief + Implied Bias Case
September 28 Juror Rehabilitation in a Death Penalty Case + Ordinary Viewpoint or Bias?
September 21 Internet Research on Jurors Not Permitted + Are Jurors Eligible for Worker’s Compensation?
September 14 Victorian Jury Sentencing Study + Actual Juror Bias Case + Questions Concerning Prior Trial Experience
August 24 Taint on the Jury? + Take Down Orders + Well Designed Jury Summonses
August 17 Attorney Research on Jurors + Remedy When a Motion to Remove a Juror for Cause is Denied
August 10 Public Policy in Favor of Arbitration + Color of Postcard Summonses?
August 3 A Juror Who Knew the Victim + Polling Issue
July 27 Randomly Selecting Alternate Jurors + G. Thomas Munsterman Award
July 20 Assigning Juror Costs to a Party + The United Kingdom Announces a New Online Jury System
July 13 The Remedy Following a Batson Violation + Jury Nullification Issue Raised to Scotus
July 6 Collateral Consequences as a Consideration in the Right to a Jury Trial Calculation + Jury Selection and Implicit Bias
June 22 2017 Verdicts in Arizona + Jury Delivers Sentence in 10 Minutes
June 15 The Perils of Using Voter Registration Lists Alone + Death Sentence Resulting from Homophobia?
June 1 Jury Selection System in Alaska Faces Challenge + Toward a Civil Jury-Trial Default Rule
May 29 Pre-Suit Escalation Clauses + Jury Recruitment in a Bi-Lingual Environment
May 25 Improving Support for Jurors + Release of the Juror’s Names in the Cosby Case
May 18 Pennsylvania’s First Judicial District Juror Participation Initiative and New Video + New Juror Comprehension Report
May 11 Why Many Judges and Lawyers Don’t Trust Social Science Research + Ban Lifted Regarding Juror Contact
May 4 A Transient Juror Issue + Media Access to the Names of the Cosby Jurors
April 27 Webinar: Jury Managers’ Toolbox New Features and Upgrades + New Jersey Courts Release a Juror Appreciation Video
April 20 Mistrial for Juror Safety? + Juror Receives a 7 Month Suspended Sentence
March 30 Jurors with Disabilities + Recommendations of the Iowa Committee on Jury Selection
March 23 When a Researcher Serves on a Jury + More Calls for Jury Selection Reform in Canada
March 16 The Option to Select Online Jury Impaneling + Is Spiritual Guidance an Extraneous Influence?
March 9 2018 OJMA Conference in Columbus, Ohio + Juror Evaluations of Witness Memory and Demeanor
March 2 Show-Me Juror + Searching for Volunteer Jurors + Questions from a Reader
February 23 Juror’s Remorse? + Aspect of Voir Dire Closed to Public + Trusting Technology Too Much
February 16 New Mexico Juror Orientation Video + Continued Calls for More Inclusive Juries in Canada
February 9 Defendant Identifies Evidence of Extraneous Influence on a Juror + Resolution to Extend Batson to LGBT Community
February 2 United States v. Riesbeck + Juror Jailed for Lying + Humorous Story About Jury Service
January 26 Pennsylvania’s Mock Trial Competition + Jury Management Workshop + Blair County Moves to Debit Cards for Juror Pay
January 18 Implied Juror Bias + Unanimous Jury Ballot Measure in Oregon + Managing Non-Citizens Summoned for Jury Service
January 5 Helping Jurors Succeed + Dallas, Texas Public Outreach + Juror Stress Research Paper

2017 Newsletters

December 15 Report from Massachusetts; Public Access to Juror Questionnaires
December 8 Jury Clerk Writes to Dog; Christopher Anthony Floyd v. Alabama; Nearly Busted
December 1 Grand Jurors Petition for a Pay Raise; U.S. Courts Again Issue Warning About Jury Scams
November 17 New Jury Orientation Video; Accidents Happen; Juror Stress/Financial Impact Study
November 3 Protective Order Limiting How Media May Use Juror Information; Obama Summoned for Jury Service
October 20 Nursing Mother Effectively Excluded from Jury Service + Luxury Portable Bathrooms
October 13 Council for Court Excellence Receives 2017 G. Thomas Munsterman Award
October 6 A Comparison of Evidence Based Medicine and the Criminal Justice System
September 29 Houston’s Jury Assembly Room Destroyed + Study to Examine “Not Proven” Verdicts
September 22 The Evil Eye; Juror Orientation Video Request; Corporate Attempts to Influence Jury Panels
September 15 Silence as Evidence of Juror Rehabilitation; Juror Questionnaire in Benghazi Trial
September 1 A Comparative Analysis of Seemingly Race Neutral Use of Peremptory Challenges; Jurors with Disabilities in Canada
August 25 Expert Juror Case; Question: FTA Rates in Large Cities; Juror Pay in Canada
August 18 Another Juror Rehabilitation Case; Voir Dire in the Martin Shkreli Case
August 11 Rehabilitation Case; Juror Questionnaire in the Taylor Swift Case
August 4 Michigan Reflects on Its 2012 G. Thomas Munsterman Award; Supreme Court of State of Washington Strengthens Batson
July 28 State of Iowa v. Kevin Plain, Sr.; ; Jurors’ Predjudices and Confusion
July 14 Did a Juror Lie in Voir Dire?; Making Jury Pools More Inclusive
July 7 Effective Juror Orientation; Corporate Irresponsibility at Its Worst; July is Juror Appreciation Month Statewide in NC
June 30 People v. Spencer; Text Reminders for Jurors; The Jury Sunshine Project
June 23 Understanding the Effects of Unconscious Bias; Be Careful with Electronic Devices
June 16 The Consequences of Juror Sequestration + Technology for Jurors to Review Digital Evidence
June 9 FIJA Volunteer Convicted; Nominations for the 2017 G. Thomas Munsterman Award Are Being Accepted Now
June 2 Tsarnaev Jury Management and Transportation Order; Jury Bill in Illinois; An Excellent Vanishing Trial Article
May 26 Ongoing Battle Regarding Jury Nullification Communication near Denver Courthouse; Jurors Provide Advice
May 19 An Extraordinary Verdict Form; Amusing "Research"; How Much Can the Foreperson Sway a Verdict?
May 12 Federal Courts Using Technology to Improve the Juror Experience; Help: Practical Experience with Juror Sequestration
May 5 US Courts Celebrate Juror Appreciation Week; Brief Survey; Poor Time Estimation Forces Mistrial
April 21 ess Release: New website offers resources for high-profile trials; Explaining Juror Sequestration
April 14 Juror Utilization Article; Permanent Exemptions for People with Qualifying Disabilities
April 7 Informed Delivery; Mutiny During Jury Service; You the Jury
March 31 Juror’s Remorse?; Experts in Deliberations; Big Data for Jury Selection
March 24 Negative Article about Treatment of LEP Jurors in Queens, NY; Juror Texting; Bills to Protect LGBTQ Jurors
March 17 Resolving Juror Confusion; Study Demonstrates Shrinking Pool of Qualified Jurors for Death Penalty Cases
March 10 Pena-Rodriguez v. Colorado; TED-ED Original on Juries; Gorsuch’s Plan to Revive Civil Jury Trials
March 3 Canadian Juror Mark Farrant; Virginia Jurors Could Be Compensated with Prepaid Credit Cards
February 24 Jury Tampering Incident in Great Britain; Plain Language Jury Instruction Study
February 10 Media Motion for Juror Information in Cliven Bundy Case; Ohio Jury Services Conference 2017
February 10 MA Changes Gender Identification on Juror Form; Norfolk, VA Follow-Up Program
February 3 Jury Related Opinion by Circuit Judge Neil M. Gorsuch; Last Chance Jury Service Process
January 27 Philadelphia’s Juror Participation Committee; Jury Matters; Indiana’s Proposed Jury Study
January 20 Big Week for Jury Scam News; Jefferson County TX will use I-Jury; Anonymous Jury for the Second Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Occupation Trial
January 13 Article on Juror Questions + Scottish Juror Jailed over a Joke + Jury System Management in the 21st Century
January 6 Commonwealth of Kentucky v. Doss; Jury Consultants Need Not Apply; Virtual Reality for Jurors

2016 Newsletters

December 16 In re Grievance of John Lepore; Use of Initials to Sign Verdicts
December 9 State Supreme Court Justice as Jury Foreman; Redacted Juror Questionnaires Released in Tensing Murder Trial
November 18 Trump Challenges the Jury Selection Process; Midland County, TX Improves Juror Response Rates
November 11 Gwinnett County Juror Texting System; Juror in High Profile Case Explains Verdict; Video Monitors in the Jury Box
November 4 Montana v. Items of Real Property; Posters Still Available; Limiting Order Regarding Juror Contact
October 28 Jury Trial “Innovations” In The Eastern Caribbean; Race and Gender in Personal Injury Awards; Trial by Jury in South Africa
October 21 Can a Juror be a “Victim” as a Result of Service?; Impact of Juror Pay on Yield/Diversity
October 14 Juror Counseling in Ontario, Canada; Patent Cases; Ford County, Illinois Reduces Juror Pay
October 7 Peña-Rodriguez v. Colorado; Australian Deaf Prospective Juror Loses Challenge to Exclusion from Service
September 30 2016 G. Thomas Munsterman Award winner; Things don't change much
September 16 Jury Trivia from the Queensland, Australia Courts; Midland County, TX Using New Summoning Process; Trends Publication
September 9 Dershowitz on Jury Service; Race Matters; "Strong Feelings" about Firearms
July 29 "You, the Juror"; Cosmetologist Required; Post-Verdict Conversation with Jurors
July 8 ABA Resolution; Detecting Lies in Veiled Witnesses; Failing at Jury Service?
July 1 G. Thomas Munsterman Award; Public Outreach in Massachusetts; Internet Hoax
June 24 The Eligibility of Deaf Jurors in Australia; Pennsylvania Juror Faints During a Sexual Assault Trial
June 17 Dekalb County, GA Juror Orientation Video; Tulsa County, OK Halts Jury Trials
June 3 Debit Card Problem for Juror Payments; Why the Racial Composition of Juries Matters
May 27 Foster v. Chatman; Decision Trees; Juror Removes Instruction from Deliberations Room
May 20 Test Jury; Juror Pay Donation Proposal; Odd Letters
May 13 Destruction of Juror Questionnaires; Debit Card for Jurors Payments
May 6 Bowman v. Nevada; The Quiz; Parking Scandal
March 11 CourtHack; Ohio Jury Conference; Tarango v. Nevada
March 4 U.S. Marshals Warn Public of Jury Duty Phone Scams; Batson Remedy case
February 26 Bill to Remove Jury Exemption for U.S. Congress Members; Juror Statements at Sentencing
February 19 Partially Sighted British Juror Removed from Jury; Apply the Framework of a Jury Trial to a Dinner Decision
February 5 Commonwealth v. Penn; Massachusetts Eyewitness ID Instruction
January 29 Social Media Jury Instructions Report; NJ’s Eyewitness Identification Jury Instructions
January 22 Busted: Indictments in Massive Jury Service Scam Issued; Former Juror May Be Charged with Perjury
January 15 Judith S. Kaye Remembrance; People v. Fernandez; Juror Stress Article
January 8 Grayson County Goes High Tech; A Fresh Look at Jurors Questioning Witnesses

2015 Newsletters

December 18 Removing a Holdout Juror During Deliberations; Failure to Instruct a Reconstituted Jury to Begin Deliberations Anew
December 11 CCE Releases Jury Service Revisited: Upgrades for the 21st Century; Change of Venue Case Challenges Standard Practice
November 20 Limitation on Voir Dire Upheld; Letter to the Editor: Jury Service Scam; Pandering to the Jury
November 13 The Equality Act; Judge France Gull Presented with the 2015 Munsterman Award
November 6 Foster v. Chatman; Arguing the Case During Voir Dire; Juror Fined $1000
October 30 Porter v. State; Juror Released from Service Following Arrest; Foster v. Chatman
October 23 Whistleblower Instructions; Verification of Juror Identities
October 16 Judge Frances Gull Named 2015 Munsterman Award Winner; Law Review Article Compares Criminal Trial Systems
October 9 The American Jury after a Half-Century
October 2 Facebook's "Friend" Status Issue; Podcast: The Downside of Civil Juries; It is a Bad Day for a Defendant When
September 25 Another Court Moves to Postcard Summonses; Inconsistent Jury Verdicts
September 18 Curriculum for High School Presentations; Virginia AG Considering the Legality of Juror Pay via Bank Card
September 11 Upheld: Policy of Not Accepting Day of Trial Plea Agreements; New Jersey v. Rashon Brown and Malik Q. Smith
August 28 Semi Anonymous Jury Authorized; Preliminary Injunction Ordered in Fully Informed Jury Association Case; South Carolina Juror Sentenced
August 21 Full Informed Jury Association Sues; Unclaimed Checks; Jury Poll Uncovers Juror Dissent
August 14 Op-Ed Piece on Batson Challenges; Waiving the Protections Afforded by Jury Trials
August 7 Judges Serving on Juries; Juror Blames Judge for Mistrial; Juror Rehabilitation Case
July 31 Jury Management Group; U.S. v. Pickering; Law Review Volume Dedicated to Jury Issues
July 24 Can Jurors Use Their Sense of Touch?; Newsweek Gets Barred from James Holmes Trial
July 10 Maryland Judiciary Warns of New Jury Duty Scam; New Rules in PA Regarding Jurors' Use of Electronic Devices
June 26 The Internet and the American Jury System; Multi Lingual Jurors
June 19 North Carolina Juror Goes to Jail; Juror Fined $4,000; State v. Amick
June 12 G. Thomas Munsterman Award; A Hobson's Choice?; Flirtatious Juror
June 5 Eban Stillwell v. State of Texas; Juror Utilization Improves In Federal District Courts
May 29 Foster v. Humphrey; Alaska Expands Online Juror Questionnaire Program; Holdout Juror Explains His Reasoning
May 15 Jury Scam Toolkit and Poster; FTA Rates in CA; From Juror to Witness in a Single Trial
May 8 Jury Bias, Source Lists and Diversity; High-Lows Agreements; Prospective Juror Arrested
May 1 Deaf Jurors Serve; Discrimination against Indigent Jurors; Premeptory Challenges Based on Sexual Orientation
April 17 Illinois Governor Wants to Repeal Juror Pay Increase; Online Juror Questionnaires in Alaska; National Standard for Jury Service
April 10 A Jury Taint Opinion; A Special Circumstance When Jury Sentencing or A Special Jury Finding May Be Constitutionally Required
April 3 Battle over Juror Pay Donations Ends; Is the Federal Summary Judgment Standard too Liberal?; Juror Issues in the Aurora Theater Shooting Trial
March 27 "No Justice without You"; Detroit's Last Chance Program; Written Promises/Affidavit from Jurors
March 20 Bibb County (GA) Announces New Juror Policy; Texas Probable Cause Jury Legislation; Ohio Jury Management Association Conference
March 13 Demographic Fairness in Capital Cases; Juror Lunches During Deliberations
March 6 The Court’s Obligation When a Juror is AWOL during Deliberations; Never Done with Public Service…
February 27 Hardship Excusals Impact Kansas Trial; State of Connecticut v. Jeffery Gould; Illinois Change in Civil Jury Size
February 20 Openly Gay Juror Refuses to Perform Jury Service; Article Highlights Voir Dire of One Prospective Juror for the James Holmes Trial
February 13 Utah House Bill 154; The Hot Box Method of Jury Selection; Grand Juror Doe v. Robert P. McCulloch
February 6 People v. Wesley Jones; Maine Bill to Increase Juror Compensation; Juror Visits Horse
January 30 Mississippi House Bill 1234; Looking for a Few Volunteers; Media Access to Juror Names and Addresses Following a Verdict
January 16 Managing Juror Requests to Be Excused for Hardship: An Interactive Exercise; New Jersey Bench Book on Jury Selection
January 2 New Jersey: Post Verdict Communications between Trial Judges and Jurors; Emotion in Death Penalty Sentencing

2014 Newsletters

December 19 Amended Standardized Jury Instructions in Florida Concerning the Use of Electronic Devices by Jurors; Blog Posting Regarding the Value of Trial Consultants in Jury Selection
December 12 Fair and Effective Jury Practices in Jury System Management; Warger v. Shauers; Illinois Juror Pay Bill Sent to Governor For Signature
December 5 Modern Grand Juries: Still a Sword and a Shield; The Jury System in Cabell County, WV is Struggling
November 21 Bills to Eliminate Key Man Grand Jury System in Texas; Tulsa County (OK) Jurors Evacuated
November 14 Use of Juror Questionnaire When Anonymous Jury Empanelled; Juror Reactions to Third Party Litigation Financing
November 7 Jury Duty in America Today; Juror Notices Defendant is a Candidate for Prosecutor
October 24 2014 Jury Symposium; Is the Right to Trial by Jury Adequately Protected for Civil Cases?
October 17 Juror Arrested; Juror Heckled While Sequestered; Another Internet Entanglement
October 10 Spanish Language Version of Poster; Florida Supreme Court Contemplates Juror Contempt Issue
October 3 Challenge to Juror Dismissals based on in Chambers Review of Questionnaires; Ruben Rivera-Moreno v. Government of the Virgin Islands
September 19 Texas’ Key Man Grand Jury System Examined; Juror Pay Donation List Questioned
September 12 An Interesting Judicial Response to Jury Texting; Prospective Grand Juror in DC Sues Claiming ADA Violation
September 5 Colorado Supreme Court Model Criminal Jury Instructions Committee publishes updated edition; Juror Case Payment Kiosk Presentation
August 29 Eyewitness Testimony; Agenda for Jury Symposium; Lawyer Gone Wild
August 22 Poster: Juror Responsibilities Regarding the Internet and Social Media; MA Supreme Judicial Court Announces Committee to Examine Juror Voir Dire
August 15 “The Belvin Perry Surprise Package”; Marion County Courts to Implement IVR System; Nevada’s Chief Justice Mark Gibbons Services
August 8 Documentary Chronicles a Notorious Trial; Jurors and Social Media Video; Comparative Jury Practices Article
August 1 Poster: Juror Responsibilities Regarding the Internet and Social Media; Test Jury
July 25 2014 National Symposium on the American Jury Project: Assuring Fair and Impartial Juries
July 18 Citizen Presentments to Grand Juries; Munsterman Nominations Under Way
July 11 Trends in State Courts 2014; Juror Employment Termination Civil Action; Attorney Generals from Five Nations Meet
June 27 A baker's dozen doesn't require reversal; Dallas judges seek funding to handle Scofflaw jurors; Jury System comments by CJ Rabner
June 20 Proposed National Standard for Jury Management System Requirements; Dissuading Jurors from Inappropriate Use of the Internet/Social Media
June 13 Nominations Open for Munsterman Award; Waiver Requirements for a Felony Bench Trial
June 6 Top 10 Verdicts in Arizona in 2013; Evaluation of the Japanese Jury System; Florida Juror Scheduled for Contempt Hearing
May 30 Jury Costs in Two Wisconsin Counties; Update: State of the States Survey of Jury Improvement Efforts; The Jury As Constitutional Identity
May 23 Update: State of the States Survey of Jury Improvement Efforts; Juror Pay Fiscal Problem in New Mexico; Public Outreach on Jurors and Social Media
May 9 United States v. Juan Agudin Salazar; Harris County (TX) Grand Jurors Exposed to Shooting Simulator; Student Written Jurors and Social Media Paper
May 2 Tell Us about Your Most Recent Jury Trial; Morris Publishing Group v. State of Florida; Judicial Education Opportunity
April 25 Louisiana’s Non-Unanimous Criminal Verdicts; Ex parte Larry Dunaway; Kirpans and Jury Service
April 18 Attorney Jailed for Comments Relating to Jury Service; Paula Hannaford-Agor Recieves 2014 OJMA Award; Alternate Jurors Participating in Deliberations
April 4 Defendant Cures Reversible Error in Voir Dire; Alternate Jurors Participating in Deliberations; Contract and Business Jury Instructions in Florida
March 28 Alaska's House Bill 315; Impeachment by Prior Conviction; Illinois: Juror Questions in Criminal Trials
March 25 Is the Standard Reasonable Doubt Instruction Still Sufficient?; Alabama Juror Age Exemption Bill
March 14 Privacy of Juror Questionnaires; Jury Service Scam Request; UK Juror Orientation Video
March 7 Survey of 583 Actual Jurors on Social Media; Memories of Voir Dire; Warger v. Shauers
February 28 Obituary: Ted Eisenberg; “We the People: A Call to Duty”; OJMA Conference
February 21 U.S. v. Marco Pineda; 2014 National Symposium on the American Jury Project; Michigan's New Jury Service Deferment
February 14 Two Year Penalty for Google Misconduct; Jury Service Scams; Caught Spying on Jurors
February 7 Gilbert Carino v. State of Florida; A Diligent Juror; Two New Jury Resources from Reynolds Courts and Media Law Journal
January 31 Trapasso v. Romero; Pennsylvania Change in the Use of Alternates; The Generous Juror Program
January 24 California State Senate Bill Would Reduce Peremptory Challenges in Misdemeanor Cases; More Inappropriate Internet Research
January 10 Judicial Education Opportunity for State Trial Judges on Preventing and Addressing Internet-related Juror Misconduct
January 3 Stouffer v. Trammel, Warden; Arizona Lengthy Trial Fund May Disappear

2013 Newsletters

December 20 Juror Reports Crime Following Jury Service; Juror Counseling Programs
December 16 British Law Commission Recommendations Regarding Misbehaving Jurors; NJ Juror Mobile Application for Apple Devices
December 6 Jurors Will Not be Required to Divulge Social Media Handles; Monroe County, NY Scofflaw Juror Crackdown
November 22 Jury Stalker Leads to Verdict being Set Aside; Neutralizing Negative Pretrial Publicity
November 15 Jury Trial in Civil Cases: A Study in Judicial Administration (1934); Gray v. U.S.
November 8 Stenier v. The Superior Court of Santa Barbara County; New Implicit Bias Article; Inflammatory Photo?
November 1 Former District Clerk Ray Hardy Died Over the Weekend (Innovator of One Day, One Trial); Hager and Davis v. U.S
October 25 Snyder County, PA Suspends Jury Trials; Juror Questions Held to Be Error; Missed Jury Service?
October 18 Impaneled and Ineffective; Juror Gives Defendant the Finger
October 11 Non-Citizen Jurors in California; Stupid Juror Questions?
October 4 Grand Juror Gets Busted; Jury Improvements in Wayne County, Michigan; When Jury Deliberations Break Down
September 27 Jury Sequestration Decision Impacted by Judicial Budget; A Jury of Whose Peers?; Appellate Review of Internet based Jury Misconduct
September 13 Examining the CSI Effect and the Influence of Forensic Crime Television on Future Jurors; GOTJ: Get Out the Juror
September 6 Opportunity for Judges to Obtain CLE Credit through (free) On-line Lecture; Another Look at the CSI Effect
August 30 Jury Management System Requirements Report; Oregon Expedited Civil Jury Trial Change; Costs Associated with Juror Texting program in New Jersey
August 23 U.K. Age Limit for Jury Service Raised to 75; NJ Jurors Can Opt to Have Text and Email Alerts
August 16 State of New Mexico v. Michael Anthony Samora; National Jury Summit; N.D. of Illinois Changes Jury Selection Practice
August 9 Prosecution Argues Juror Conduct Hearing Should be Public; State of Washington v. Saintcalle; Jurors in the James Holmes Trial Can Ask Questions
August 2 Juror Appreciation Celebration in Mecklenburg County, NC; Can Jurors be Excluded based on Sexual Orientation?
July 26 Jury Orientation Videos and Self Represented Litigants; Juror May be Called as a Witness; Too Drunk to be a Juror
July 19 Lots on the Zimmerman Trial; CCE Jury Panel: Changing Perceptions About Jury Service; Jury Summoning Error in Scotland
July 12 G. Thomas Munsterman Receives The National Judicial College’s Advancement of Justice Award; Letters to Petit and Grand Jurors
June 21 Alleyne v. United States; Canadian Court Overturns Conviction Based on Jury Pool Issue; Flaw in Fair Cross Section Jurisprudence Identified
June 14 North Carolina Senate Bill 528; Top 10 Verdicts in Arizona in 2012; Neuroimages and Jury Determinations
May 31 Request for Assistance on NCSC Study; Improving Diversity on Juries; Juror FTA's in Canada
May 17 The Joy of Jury Duty; Juror Sues Japanese Government; Internet Usage for Voir Dire
May 10 Former Juror Defends Contempt Charge; The Inability of Jurors to Self-Diagnose Bias; The Joy of Jury Duty
May 3 Ireland Considers Allowing Non-Citizens to Serve on Juries; Juror Falls for Defendant; PA State Association of Jury Commissioners Lashes Out at Legislature
April 26 Jurors and Camera Phones; Bill Would Allow Non-Citizens on California Juries; Oregon Juror Goes to Jail
April 12 Ohio Jury Management Conference Wrap-up; A Mixed Intent Peremptory Challenge Case; Lee County Clerk (FL) Adds New Feature
April 5 NC Bill Would Allow AOC Access to D.O.B. Information; Newspaper Columnist: Juror Questions; Jury Management Class in Phoenix, AZ
March 29 Jury Service: The Verdict An Exploratory Study of Public Attitude to Jury Service; Federal Jury Panels in Chicago
March 22 Okaloosa County (FL) Goes Paperless with Juror Questionnaires; Jury Exclusion on the Basis of Criminal Convictions; Funding or Partners for Jury Service PSAs
March 15 Midland County (TX) Will Try I-Jury Program; All White Jury Pools in Cook County, IL; Allen County (IN) Launches mjuror Program
March 8 The Link between Jury Service and Attitudes about the Legal System; Smartphones in the Courtroom; The Changing Composition of the American Jury
February 15 Radio Broadcast: Why Jury Duty Matters; Estimating the Cost of Civil Litigation; Course Announcement
February 8 When Felony is the Foreman; Estimating the Cost of Civil Litigation; Is Expert Evidence Really Different?
February 1 Old Fashioned Jury Misconduct; Jury Panel Error Found in York County, SC; The Juror, The Citizen, and the Human Being
January 25 Alexis de Tocqueville and Tweeting Jurors; DC Court of Appeals Addresses Jury Polling Issue; Jury Education DC
January 18 Alleyne v. United States; New Jersey Pilots "Summons Only" Mailing to Increase On-Line Juror Response Rates; Five Times a Juror
January 4 We the People: The Honor of Jury Service; New Book on Jury Duty; Maricopa Superior Court Commended for Improving Jury Experience

2012 Newsletters

December 14 Jury Service Game; Public Access to List of Disqualified Jurors; Jefferson County (KY) DUI Conviction Rates
December 7 New Expedited Actions Rule in Texas; Utha's Expedited Jury Trial Rule; NCSC Commends Georgia Judge Ben Studdard for enactment of Jury Reform Act of 2011
November 30 British Law Commission Report Considers Use of Internet by Jurors; Michael Phelps Reports for Jury Duty; Guilty as Tweeted
November 16 FTA Problem in Hendry County, FL; United States v. Gupta; Jury Duty is a Poll Tax?
November 9 Texas Journal Dedicated to Social Media Issues; Chester County (PA) Commissioners Cut Jury Commissioners Office; Emperical Analysis of Juries in Tort Cases
November 2 Jurors Struggle with Wrongful Conviction; Juror May be Charged with a Felony; New Jersey Bill to Reduce Exemption Age for Jurors
October 19 Juror Tossed Out of Courthouse; Barbett v. United States; Jury Service in Trinidad and Tobago
October 12 Cambria County (PA) will Improve Jury System; Juror and Jury Use of New Media: A Baseline Exploration; Center for Jury Studies Praises Travis County's I-Jury System
September 28 Jury Duty a Once a Decade Obligation for Some New York Counties; Sluss v. Commonwealth of Kentucky; Jury Nullification of Marijuana Culivation Charge
September 14 ABA President Laurel Bellows Discusses Civil Jury Trials; Seventh Report of the Champaign County Courtwatching Project; The Political Puzzle of the Civil Jury
September 7 Judge Cuts Deal with Jury; Center for Jury Studies Praises Travis County's I-Jury System; Somebody Poisoned the Jury Pool: Social Meida's Effect on Jury Impartiality
August 31 Costs of Jury Assessed on Litigants; Upcoming Events
August 24 New Federal Social Media Jury Instructions; Juror Takes a Vacation; WV Jury Duty Scam
August 17 Call for Article Submissions; Nonsystematic Factors Resulting in Underrepresentation; Riverside County Superior Court (CA) Improves Jury Service
August 10 Jury Selection in a High Profile Detriot Case; Jury Managers' Toolbox; Law & Order
August 3 Upcoming events
July 27 Offsite Juror Check-In; State v. Gunnell; Using Actors in Jury Trials
July 20 Ohio Jury Survey; Iowa Law Review Focuses on Baston v. Kentucky; Garcia v. Strong Trucking
July 13 AWOL Juror Gets Sentenced; The Jury as a Political Institution in an Age of Counterterrorism; Jury Nullifications in an Assault Case
July 6 Jury Duty Prank Line; Jury Scam in Monroe County, GA; Juror's Remorse
June 29 Georgia's New Jury System Starts July 1st; Jury Homework; The Trials and Tribulations of Counting 'Trials'; New Hampshire House Bill 146
June 22 DC's Mayor Gray on Jury Duty; Juror Questions Elicits 404(b) Evidence; The Vanishing Jury Trial (1928)
June 15 Nominate an Outstanding Jury Program for Munsterman Award; New Website for the Center for Jury Studies; Top Ten Verdicts in Arizona in 2011
June 8 Nominate an Outstanding Jury Program for Munsterman Award; Juror Number One v. The Superior Court of Sacremento; Seeking Volunteers
June 1 Seeking Volunteers; Nominate an Outstanding Jury Program for Munsterman Award; Short, Summary and Expedited: The Evolution of Civil Jury Trials
May 25 New Social Media Jury Instructions in Florida; British Juror Caught Smoking Marijuana; Sequestered Jurors Save Child
May 18 U.S. Demographic Database at Risk; Commonwealth v. Clare Werner; Mothers Group to Protest Jury Service
May 4 Juror Amnesty Month in Fulton Couty, GA; Aboriginal People Excluded for Ontario Juries; Jurors Cause Traffic Jam
April 27 First Application of NC's Racial Justice Act; Study Exposes Connection between Racial Composition of Jury and Conviction Rates; Conviction Reversed Based on Juror Use of Wikipedia
April 13 Picture of a Juror Leads to a Mistrial; First Offense DUI Jury Trials in Arizona; Illinois Jurors May Be Permitted to Ask Questions
April 6 Jail for Absent UK Juror; Puppets Court; Jury Misconduct Leads to New Trial Convicted Murderer