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Tiny Chats are bite-sized annotated videos that touch on specific access to justice topics and court operations.

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Tiny Chat 93: Art in Court

Making a courthouse warm and welcoming to the public can be a challenge. Courts around the country and the world have incorporated art installations that brighten and humanize spaces once austere and cold. An incredible example of incorporating art into a courthouse space is the Constitutional Court of South Africa, which has a rich and diverse art collection that celebrates South Africa’s cultural heritage. Join us for a vibrant conversation with Kay-Leigh Fisher of the Constitutional Court Art Collection about the important role art plays in engaging with the public within the Constitutional Court building itself and through its logo.

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Tiny Chat 92: SRL E-Filing

Courts are public institutions and must be accessible to anyone who needs to use them. This is true whether the court user is self-represented, not technologically sophisticated, not a native English speaker, disabled, unable to afford fees, or some combination. Self-represented litigants are — by far — the largest number of state court users. In this Tiny Chat learn about a new resource offering guidance and examples from across the country on best practices for e-filing for SRLs.


Tiny Chat 91: Contracting for Digital Services

In what may be the most unhinged Tiny Chat so far, Zach and Danielle dig deep into contracting for digital services with the incomparable Sean McDonald, from Digital Public. How do you manage data rights, upgrades, technical support, and future proofing your courts technology? Via contract! This discussion, in the form of an outer-space/Star Trek themed community theater production (naturally), explores some highlights from our paper, written with Sean, Contracting Digital Services for Courts.

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