2020 Webinars

3/26/2020 and 4/6/2020 - Treatment Courts and COVID-19

Sponsored by the National Center for State Courts with the National Association of Drug Court Professionals.

3/26/2020 - Managing Juries and Jury Trials During the COVID-19 Pandemic
4/3/2020 - Access to Justice Considerations for State and Local Courts as They Respond to COVID-19: A Conversation
4/7/2020 - Lights, Cameras, Motion!
4/15/2020 - Lights, Cameras, Motion!: Act II
4/20/2020 - Lights, Cameras, Motion!: Act III
4/23/2020 - Ramping Down and Ramping Up: Lessons Learned from High Volume 
5/1/2020 - Developing Plans for Expanding In-Person Court Operations
5/15/2020 - Webinar: COVID-19 and Courthouses: Planning to get back to business inside the courthouse
5/19/2020 - Expanding Court Operations II: Outside the Box Strategies: Administering the courts while the COVID-19 curve is flattened
5/22/2020 - How state courts are using innovative technologies and responsible health and safety practices to resume jury trials
6/3/2020 - Finance Webinar: Reopening Strategies & Costs

6/4/2020 - Reestablishing Jury Pools in the COVID-19 Era
6/16/2020 - Handling High Volume Dockets: Spotlight on Eviction Diversion Programs
6/18/2020 - Jury Service and Accessing Court Services Remotely in a (Post) Pandemic America: Results From a New National Public Opinion Poll
6/25/2020 - Addressing Court Workplace Mental Health and Well-being in Tense Times
6/30/2020 - “Back to the Future”: Video Remote Interpreting and Other Language Access Solutions in the Time of COVID
7/12/2020 - COVID-19 - Insurance Coverage Litigation
7/19/2020 - Essential Steps to Tackle Backlog and Prepare for a Surge in New Cases
7/20/2020 - COVID-19 Commercial Contract Litigation
8/3/2020 - COVID-19 Labor and Employment Liability
8/10/2020 - COVID-19 State Insolvency: Receiverships & Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors
9/10/2020 - Jury Trials
9/14/2020 - COVID-19 -Business Litigation Grab Bag
9/15/2020 - Spotlight on Eviction Diversion Programs, Part 2
9/17/2020 - SRL Help and Online Scheduling
9/23/2020 - Court Management of Guardianships & Conservatorships During the Pandemic
9/24/2020 - ODR and Community-based Payment
10/1/2020 - Approaches to Managing Juvenile Cases in the COVID Era
10/22/2020 - Making Cybersecurity Real and Relevant
10/28/2020 - Jury Trial Innovations During COVID-19
10/29/2020 - Administering Criminal Courts During the Pandemic: Next Steps
11/05/2020 - Fair and Efficient Handling of Consumer Debt Actions: Key Steps and Tools to Implement NOW
11/12/2020 - Resuming Operations: An Update on Public Health Considerations
12/16/2020 - Collaboration Among Criminal Courts and Justice System Partners During a Time of Crisis