Court Manager Articles

Journal of the National Association for Court Management


Each issue of The Court Manager may feature core articles on caseload management, technology, personal skill development, and general management issues. One issue each year deals with a single, dominant theme: an overview of the past NACM annual educational conference. Other appropriate subjects include jury management, alternative dispute resolution, facilities and records management, public information and education, security, cultural diversity, human resource management, fiscal matters of all types, labor relations, planning, statistics and analysis, court reporting, offender treatment, presentence and probation, and jurisdictional issues--anything of value to a manager seeking to improve personal and organizational effectiveness.


Articles may be 2,500 to 7,500 words long, submitted typed and double-spaced. Electronic submissions are appreciated. Originals or high-quality reproductions of photographs, graphs, charts, and forms in support of the text always enhance an article’s presentation. A typical article might follow this format, in whole or substantive part:

Definition of problem; statement of objectives.

Alternative solutions considered.

Implementation issues; developing consensus.

Cost of selected solution; source of funding.

Measuring impact; cost savings, improved service, etc.

Conclusions, implications for the future.