Court Review articles

Journal of the American Judges Association

Court Review , quarterly journal of the American Judges Association, invites the submission of unsolicited, original articles, essays, and book reviews. ourt Review seeks to provide practical, useful information to the working judges of the United States, such as substantive information regarding an area of law likely to be encountered by many judges; new procedures or methods of trial, court, or case management; or background information (such as social science research) that can be used by judges in their work.


  • Articles should be double-spaced with footnotes, preferably in WordPerfect format (Microsoft Word is acceptable).

  • Suggested length:  articles, 18-36 pages; essays, 6-12 pages; reviews, 3-9 pages, including footnotes.

  • Footnotes should conform to The Bluebook:  A Uniform System of Citation.