PMS 534 Official NCSC Blue


When one spot color usage is the option, Pantone® Matching System (PMS) 534 is the standard choice. The National Center for State Courts logo is most commonly reproduced in PMS 534.

When two spot colors are used, PMS 534 blue is typically used with PMS 871 metallic gold (or PMS 1255 substitute.) This blue is recommended to use for headlines, body copy, and any photographs or illustrations.

In full or process color projects, it may be used for headlines or body copy above 12 points, as well as a major accent color.

This color has been carefully selected and should not be substituted.

Process Coated build Process Uncoated build
C=95 C=94
M=72 M=43
Y=9 Y=11
K=38 K=45
Hex code: #0a3a6e Hex code: #004d73
RGB Coated build RGB Uncoated build
R=38 R=60
G=63 G=83
B=106 B=111
Hex code: #263f6a  Hex code: #3c536f