Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you recommend a good style guide for nuts-and-bolts questions on grammar, punctuation and capitalization?
A: We recommend The Chicago Manual of Style.

Q: Is the Communications Department willing to help edit our documents?
A: Yes. Please give us as much notice as possible.

Q: Do we always need to use the NCSC seal or logo?
A: Yes, at least one of them. They are critical to our branding identity.

Q: How do we refer to the National Center in print?
A: Write National Center for State Courts on first reference. After that, write NCSC. Don’t use National Center or Center at all in external communications. If the sentence calls for you to write the National Center for State Courts, the is lower case. When writing NCSC, never write the NCSC.

Q: What about the names of associations and organizations?
A: Spell out their names on first reference, no matter how familiar they are to you. Use their acronyms after that.

Q: Can you give an example?
A: Write State Justice Institute if that’s the only reference to it in your document. If you refer to it more than once, write State Justice Institute (SJI) on first reference, and SJI on every reference after that.

Q: Speaking of associations and organizations, is there anything else to know?
Yes. Thomson Reuters provides us with research services. As payment, at the bottom of all of our communications, we must include their logo. If the publication is online, we must link their logo to http://tmsnrt.rs/2IhixmD


Q: If we produce something on our own, will Communications help us get it printed?
A: Yes. We can recommend printers to you and give you information you’ll need before your project goes to a printer.

Q: What questions should we answer before a project goes to a printer?
A: For example:

  • Will it be mailed? Is so, in an envelope, or with a mailing label placed on a brochure, flier, etc.?
  • If you use an envelope, what size do you need?
  • If you don’t use an envelope, have you left adequate space for a mailing label and determined how you’re going to seal it?