Print Guidelines

This section contains general specifications for the design of certain NCSC printed materials. You may use the items in the shaded box to the right. If you want to use newly designed items, please show them to Lorri Montgomery first so we can be sure they adhere to our standards.

Regardless of what you choose, all NCSC publications – print or web based – must include the following:

  • NCSC logo and seal.
  • Web address:
  • Tag line: Trusted Leadership. Proven Solutions. Better Courts.
  • Non-profit identifier: The National Center for State Courts is an independent, nonprofit, tax-exempt organization in accordance with Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. (We often publish this in italics and in a smaller font size than the body text, either nine or 10 pt.)
  • The year of the publication. This does not need to be prominent and can be in a small font size at the end of the document.