Appellate Justice

Criminal Appeals

The NCSC, funded by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), conducted a project which created a nationally representative database of criminal appeals disposed in the United States in 2010. The database consists of over 5,000 criminal appeals from all 143 state appellate courts with criminal jurisdiction. The case-level data collected by the NCSC will provide the means for courts and researchers to conduct an analysis of timeliness through the various case milestones, describe what legal issues were raised and addressed on appeal, as well as uncover how the courts resolved the appeals.

Publications of interest:

CSP Caseload Highlights, Achieving Timely Resolution for Criminal Appeals in State Courts (May 2016)

The Criminal Appeals in State Courts BJS Bulletin, produced September 2015, and the Criminal Appeals project’s data and codebooks are released and available here.

Appellate CourTools

The NCSC is developing a balanced set of performance measures for appellate courts. Drawing on the knowledge of appellate court clerks and justices, the Appellate CourTools are a feasible and balanced set of measures designed to capture key appellate court outcomes.

Supplemental Survey of Civil Appeals, 2005

This project is the first to examine civil appeals from a nationwide sample. The data cover civil appeals from final judgments or verdicts from 2005 across 156 counties and 160 courts. Funded by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the project’s data and codebooks will be released for public access in 2011.

Appellate Court Statistical Reporting

The Court Statistics Project, working with the National Conference of Appellate Court Clerks, designed a national reporting framework for appellate court caseload statistics, incorporated as a section of the State Court Guide to Statistical Reporting (v. 1.3). The new reporting framework facilitates meaningful comparison among appellate courts in terms of caseloads and manner of disposition.

Related publications of interest:

Caseload Highlights, March 2007: How often are trials reversed or affirmed?
Caseload Highlights, July 2007: What type of trial errors are associated with appellate reversal rates?

Appellate Court Functional Standards

The NCSC's technology staff, working collaboratively with appellate court staff, publish a set of functional standards designed to assist appellate courts with specifying technical requirements for appellate case management software systems.

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Arkansas Court of Appeals Management Review of Court Clerk’s Office, 2005