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Court Readiness Assessment for Implementing FJI Principles:
This document is for courts considering implementation of the Family Justice Initiative (FJI) Principles. This self-assessment tool is designed to help court leaders highlight priority areas and foresee potential barriers to implementation
Court Readiness Checklist:
Use this checklist to determine the extent to which your current court practices are aligned with the principles of the Family Justice Initiative
Considerations for FJI Performance Measures:
Courts may use these measures to set baseline measurements and to monitor the impacts of FJI processes over time.

COVID-19 Resources

Resources have been created to assist courts in dealing with administering family justice during the COVID-19 pandemic.


A resolution supporting the redesign of justice processes for families was passed at the CCJ/COSCA 2020 Annual
Meeting on July 30, 2020.

A resolution was passed by the the Courts, Children, and Families Committee at the Conference of Chief Justices 2019 Midyear Meeting on February 13, 2019.

Pandemic Positives: Extending the Reach of Court and Legal Services

This report details how these courts, self-help centers, legal aid centers, and law/public libraries made the transition to remote services, including what their existing processes consisted of, how they messaged the changes to their customers, the ways in which they balanced remote services with in-person needs, the technologies they used, and the limitations caused by existing infrastructure.

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