2007 Emergency Management Planning Guide

2007 Emergency Management Program ManualDownload the complete EMP (pdf - 2.7 MB) here

Download Part I – The Introduction and Overview – (pdf) here

Download Part II – Samples, COOP Plan Templates, and Appendices (MS Word - 2.9 MB) here or the separate appendices below:
Appendix A: Sample COOP Plan
Appendix B: COOP Plan Templates
Appendix C: Sample MOUs and Checklists
Appendix D: Sample Evacuation, Critical Incident, and Shelter-in-Place Plans
Appendix E: References

Upon opening the Word documents, you will need to save them to your hard drive if you wish to make any modifications.


Complete EMP (pdf)

A Comprehensive Emergency Management Program (EMP) consists of the six elements below. As new plans and programs that address one or more of these elements are developed, they will become available via this website.

1. Program Management

2. Prevention

3. Preparedness

4. Response

5. Recovery

6. Training