Locations of Courthouse and Courtroom Technology Systems

The following courthouse and courtroom locations must be considered in regards to the placement of physical technology system components:

Case Display

Information on daily cases in the courthouse can be displayed at the building entrance and/or outside of courtrooms.

Clerk's Office

The clerk's office conducts case queue management, and this might also be the location of the self-service kiosk(s).

Judge's Bench Zone

Within the courtroom, this area includes the bench front, its elevated platform, and its work surface, as well as the speaking area immediately before the bench.

Litigation Well

This is the term for the central courtroom area before the bench, where the attorneys' work stations / tables / podium(s) are situated.  It excludes the judge's bench zone.

Jury Areas

Jury trials require a jury box within the courtroom, as well as a separate and secure deliberation room.  Each area has its own technical considerations.

Gallery / Public Seating Area

This area within the courtroom is accessible to, and used by, observers.  It excludes the bench zone, the jury box, and the litigation well.