Jury management

Approximately 15 percent of the adult American population is summonsed to jury service each year in state and federal courts. An estimated 8 to 10 million citizens report for jury service annually to courthouses across the country, making them the single largest cohort of court users in the nation.

The NCSC Center for Jury Studies is dedicated to helping courts manage their jury systems so that the jury selection process is efficient and cost-effective, that judges, lawyers, litigants, and the public have confidence in the fairness and impartiality of the impaneled juries, and that jurors have appropriate tools during trial and deliberations with which to render informed and fair judgments.

Using detailed knowledge and extensive experience, the NCSC Center for Jury Studies provides specific assistance in:

  • Enhancing the inclusiveness, representation, and accuracy of the master jury list;
  • Maximizing the effectiveness of the summoning and qualification process;
  • Reducing the costs of the jury system for courts and their communities by improving juror utilization;
  • Assessing the integrity of the jury pool to ensure that it reflects a fair cross section of the community;
  • Developing effective voir dire practices to encourage jurors to provide full and accurate disclosure of potential biases;
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of tools to designed to improve juror comprehension, performance, and satisfaction; and
  • Assessing the potential impact of structural or procedural changes on jury system management and jury decision-making.

PAST PROJECTS: 2020 | 2019201720162015201420132012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008
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Juror Allocation Study for Merced County, California, 2020


Jury Management Training Project for the Iowa Administrative Office of the Courts, 2018-2019


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Juror Selection Model for the California Superior Courts, 2015

Jury Study for the North Dakota Courts, 2015


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Operational Review of Jury Operations for the Eighth Judicial District Court of Nevada, 2009

Review of Alternative Summon Plans for the Arizona Supreme Court, Administrative Office of the Courts, 2009


Assessment and Review of Juror Selection and Allocation System for the Superior Court of California, Los Angeles County, 2008

Evaluation of Random Selection of Prospective Jurors for the Supreme Court of Maricopa County, Arizona, 2008

Provide Jury Management Workshops for the New Mexico Administrative Office of the Courts, 2008


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