Language Access Coordinator Contact
Debi S. Tulang-De Silva, Program Director
Office on Eqaulity and Access to the Courts, The Judiciary, State of Hawaii 
426 Queen Street, #B-17
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: (808) 539-4860
Email: debi.s.tulang-desilva@courts.hawaii.gov or OEAC@courts.hawaii.gov

Code of Ethics or Rules of Professional Conduct: See Appendix B at p. 19

Language Access Plan

Interpreter Statutes and Rules

Coordination/Supervision of Interpreters: Centralized State Program

Cost of Interpreter Services (including fees to freelance and salaries of staff interpreters): The approximate annual cost of interpreting services in Hawaii was $842,612 in FY 2018.  This reflects fees to freelance interpreters only, as the Hawaii State Judiciary does not have staff interpreters.

Budget for Language Access Program (not including direct interpreter services): $100,000 - $700,000

Funding for Language Access Program: Court’s General Operating Budget

Compensation Range for Salaried Interpreters (spoken language): Not Applicable

Compensation Range for Salaried Interpreters (sign language): Not Applicable

Compensation Range for Freelance Interpreters (certified spoken language): Hawaii State Judiciary has a tiered pay scheduled for freelance interpreters listed on its Court Interpreter Registry.  Pay rates range from $25 to $55/hour.  See Appendix A of the Hawaii Rules.

Compensation Range for Freelance Interpreters (certified sign language): $45-$75 per hour.

Difference in Pay between Spanish and LOTS Interpreters: Not applicable.  Hawaii does not have pay rate differentials based on language.  Freelance interpreters in all languages are paid in accordance with the tiered pay schedule established by Supreme Court Rule.

Minimum Certification Requirements: Orientation Workshop, Criminal Background Check, in addition to NCSC 135-Q Multiple Choice Exam at 70% and Hawai'i Basic Ethics 25-Q Multiple Choice Exam at 80%

Dates and Locations of Testing and Training