Language Access Coordinator Contact
Ksenia Boitsova
Maryland Court Interpreter Program
197 Harry S. Truman Parkway
Annapolis, MD 21401 
Phone: (410) 260-3569

Code of Ethics or Rules of Professional Conduct

Language Access Plan

Interpreter Statutes and Rules

Coordination/Supervision of Interpreters: Interpreters are listed on the Court Interpreter Registry and contacted by the courts directly. The Court Interpreter Program provides guidance to the courts and interpreters.

Cost of Interpreter Services, Including Fees to Freelance and Salaries of Staff Interpreters: $3.5 million

Budget for Language Access Program (not including direct interpreter services): $4,000,000

Funding for Language Access Program: The Administrative Office of the Courts funds the program.

Compensation Range for Salaried Interpreters (spoken language): $74,000

Compensation Range for Salaried Interpreters (sign language): N/A

Compensation Range for Freelance Interpreters (certified spoken language): $40-$55

Compensation Range for Freelance Interpreters (certified sign language): $65-$75

Difference in Pay between Spanish and LOTS Interpreters: No Difference

Minimum Certification Requirements: The Maryland Court Interpreter operates on a 2-tier basis: qualified and certified interpreters. The minimum requirements for qualified interpreters are to pass the Written Exam and OPIs in the foreign language and/or English and attend a 3-day workshop.

2021 Dates and Locations of Testing and Training: March 20, 2021 - Introductory Workshop (remote)