Plano, Texas
(214) 256-9222

Company address: 6504 International Parkway, Suite 1500, Plano, TX 75093
Contact name: Ed Cavazos
Contact email address: ecavazos@akorbi.com
Contact telephone number:(214) 256-9222 ext. 8384

Akorbi is a full-service language services provider and staffing solutions company. States serviced by ULG All 50 states.

Products and services provided by Akorbi:

Akorbi offers VRI services in 144 languages and ASL. They also offer remote CART services. Akorbi offers a proprietary VRI platform, ADAPT, its clients can use to schedule their own VRI and telephonic interpreters as well as Akorbi’s interpreters.

Products and services provided by Akorbi specifically geared toward sign language interpreting:

American Sign Language and remote CART services. 

Equipment requirements to receive VRI services:

IPads, Android devices, laptops, computers. The ADAPT platform is provided by Akorbi. Akorbi will provide minimum technical requirements. 

Equipment requirements to receive sign language VRI services :

Same as above.

Existing contracts with court systems: