Biamp Systems

Beaverton, Ore.
(800) 826-1457

Company address: 9300 SW Gemini Drive, Beaverton, OR 97008
Contact name: Steve Kawasaki
Contact email address:
Contact telephone number: (206) 855-3339

Biamp is a global company that manufactures audiovisual and video conferencing equipment. Upon contacting Mr. Kawasaki, he will direct each court to the regional contact based on court location. 

States serviced by Biamp:

All 50 states. 

Products and services provided by Biamp:

Biamp’s Tesira platform creates a networked media system where audio is routed, processed, and distributed within a single courtroom or many courtrooms. Features such as Automatic Gain Control and mix-minus provide sound reinforcement in courtrooms without interfering with the proceedings. Biamp’s Tesira platform works in tandem with a VoIP system to enable remote interpretation and can also process audio from remote video arraignment systems to tie all the audio together. In addition, Tesira can interface with recording software to capture court proceedings and securely archive these recordings.

Products and services provided by Biamp specifically geared toward sign language interpreting:

Biamp’s platform can be used in VRI settings for spoken and sign languages. 

Equipment requirements to receive VRI services:

Biamp will partner with each client to determine best equipment and configuration options for each courtroom setting.

Equipment requirements to receive sign language VRI services:

Same as above.

Existing contracts with court systems:

San Francisco Superior Court