Certified Languages International

Portland, Ore.

Company address: 4800 SW Macadam Avenue, Suite 400, Portland, OR 97239
Contact name: Chip Graeper
Contact email address: chipg@certifiedlanguages.com
Contact telephone number: (503) 484-2355

Certified Languages International (CLI) provides on-demand communication — anywhere, on any device. With our video interpreting services, clients can instantly access professional interpreters in a growing list of languages. Our remote interpreting solution helps clients decrease the costs and advanced scheduling involved in providing on-site interpreters, while still offering the benefits of exceptional customer service.

States serviced by company:

All 50 states; credentialing requirements may limit coverage.

Products and services provided by CLI:

We provide VRI services in 21 spoken languages. 

Products and services provided by CLI specifically geared toward sign language interpreting:

American Sign Language

Equipment requirements to receive VRI services:

All devices must have Internet connectivity. List of minimum requirements may be found in our brochure. Web-based platform,  encrypted end to end. Platform currently does not have document-sharing capabilities. 

Equipment requirements to receive sign language VRI services:

Same as above.

Existing contracts with court systems:

Supreme Court of Virginia