Los Angeles, Calif.
(888) 882-6878

Company Address: 6383 Arizona Circle, Los Angeles, CA 90045
Contact name: Ron DaLessio
Contact email address:
Contact telephone number: (623) 414-2307

CourtCall is a technology company that provides cloud-based technology solutions for remote interpretation and other courtroom applications.

States serviced by company:

All 50 states.

Products and services provided by CourtCall:

CourtCall provides video remote interpreting kits that courts can use to connect with interpreters via video.

Products and services provided by CourtCall specifically geared toward VRI sign language interpreting:

CourtCall is developing a VRI kit specifically geared toward sign language interpreting. 

Equipment requirements to receive VRI services:

Courts need to have the right level of bandwidth to use their kit. CourtCall will provide technical assistance to courts during the setup process. 

Equipment requirements to receive sign language VRI services:

Information will be provided once the VRI kit for ASL is available.

Existing contracts with court systems:

Idaho AOC, several courts in Indiana.