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Company address: 145 Greenwood Ave, Wyncote Pa., 19095
Contact name:  Matt Schuh
Contact email address:
Contact telephone number: (800) 555-3010

GLOBO is a Language Support Provider, offering a comprehensive suite of interpreting and  translation services. As part of the Cisco ​Connected Justice​ Consortium, GLOBO offers end-to-end solutions for Courtroom interpreting that remove barriers that stand in the way of  fair and swift legal proceedings, enabling due process for all, no matter the language.  

States serviced by Paras and Associates:

All 50 states.

Products and services provided by Globo:

  • On-demand video remote interpreting services in five+ spoken languages 
  • Scheduled video remote interpreting services in 250+ languages 
  • On-demand voice interpreting in 250+ languages 
  • Scheduled face-to-face / on-site interpreting services 
  • Document translation services 
  • Interpreter scheduling solutions 
  • Video equipment solutions

Products and services provided by Globo specifically geared toward sign language interpreting:

  • American Sign Language Video Remote Interpreting 
  • ASL On-Site Interpreting 

Equipment requirements to receive VRI services:

For courtroom video remote interpreting, the Cisco Courtroom Configuration is required.  GLOBO can help facilitate this if it is not in place today. 

Equipment requirements to receive sign language VRI services ancillary to the courtroom:

For communications that take place outside the courtroom, GLOBO HQ for iOS is used. This  may be used on any iOS device (iPhone, iPad) with access to a stable internet connection.