On Time Translation Services (OTTS)

New York, New York
(855) 702-2101

Company address: 511 Avenue of the Americas #4135, New York NY 10011
Contact name: Virgil Castner, Cathy Zhu
Contact email address: interpretingstaff@onlinetranslationservices.com
Contact telephone number: (855) 702-2101

On Time Translation Services provides both onsite, video-remote, telephonic, and document translation services nationwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days a year. Our interpreters and translators hold either court certification, ATA certification, NBCMI or CCHI certification. We provide fast and quick document translation services via our HIPAA compliant platform that can be used on a desktop, tablet, smartphone, or any mobile device.

Products and services provided by On Time Translation Services:

We provide VRI, OPI, onsite, and document translation services in over 100+ languages.

Products and services provided by OTTS specifically geared toward sign language interpreting:

Products and services provided by OTTS are geared to fit onsite, telephonic, video-remote, and document translation requests in one platform.

Equipment requirements to receive VRI services:

Tablet, smartphone, desktop etc., Simply download the Lexikeet app, login with your credentials, and put in the request for a scheduled, or on demand VRI interpreter.

Equipment requirements for onsite requests:

Same as above.

Equipment requirements for telephonic and document translation requests:

Same as above.

Existing contracts with court systems: