Organizational management

Organizational management

The concept of "local legal culture" is often used but rarely explained. Brian Ostrom and colleagues have suceeded in specifying what court organizational culture is, developed a method to assess it, a typology to classify it, and a method for using it to help manage organizational change in the state courts.

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Role of Presiding Judges and Court Executive Officers Conducted for the State Justice Institute (SJI), CCJ, COSCA, and NAPCO, 2018-2020

Assessment of the Peoria Municipal Court for the City of Peoria, Arizona, 2020

Municipal Court Performance Audit Conducted for Lee's Summit, Missouri, 2018-2020

Information Technology Department Position Classification and Compensation Review for the Kansas Judicial Branch, 2019-2020

Position Classification and Compensation Review for the 23rd Judicial Circuit of Michigan, 2019-2020

Court Administrator Recruitment Assistance for the St. Louis County Circuit Court of Missouri, 2019-2020

National Summit on Sustaining Justice Through Innovation, Conducted via the State Justice Institute (SJI) for State Courts, 2019-2020

Opioid Task Force Response and Strategic Planning Initiative for the State Courts, via the Conference of Chief Justices (CCJ) and the Conference of State Court Administrators (COSC), 2017-2020

Strategic Planning Project for the Colorado Court of Appeals, 2019-2020


Court Job Classification Project for the Navajo Nation in Arizona, 2018-2019

Court Job Classification Project for the New Hampshire Administrative Office of the Courts, 2018-2019

Efficiency, Process, and Operations Review for the 17th Circuit Court of Illinois, 2018-2019

Law Practice Regulatory Functions Review for the Kansas Supreme Court, Office of Judicial Administration, 2018-2019

Position Classification and Compensation Analysis Project for the Kansas Supreme Court, Office of Judicial Administration, 2018-2019

Review of the Judicial Education Center at the  University of New Mexico School of Law, 2019

Strategic Plan Development Project for the Judiciary of Guam, 2019

Strategic Plan Research and Development for the Kansas Supreme Court, Office of Judicial Administration (OJA), 2018-2019


Community Planning Project for the City of Portsmouth, Virginia Community Criminal Justice Board, 2018

Court Facility Consolidation Study for the Snohomish County, Washington District Court, 2016-2018

Court Organization Structure Review for the Newport News, Virginia Courts, 2017-2018

Court Staff Position and Pay Classification Study for the Fulton County, Georgia Courts, 2016-2018

High Performance Courts (HPC) Surveying Initiative for the 10th Judicial District of Kansas, 2018

Human Resources and Compensation Study for the St. Louis County, Missouri Courts, 2017-2018

Jail Time Review and Implementation Planning for the McHenry County, Illinois Courts, 2018

Job Classification and Compensation Study for the Missouri Circuit Courts, 2014-2018

Operational Assessment for the Greene County, Ohio Juvenile Court, 2016-2018

Operational Assessment for the Montgomery County, Ohio Courts, 2016-2018

Strategic Planning and Operating Standards Assistance for the St. Louis County, Missouri Circuit and Municipal Courts, 2017-2018

Strategic Planning Assistance for the Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Courts, 2018

Strategic Planning Campaign Documentation Project for the New Mexico Administrative Office of the Courts, 2018

Strategic Planning for the Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana Family Juvenile Court, 2017-2108


Clerks’ Office Study for the Nebraska Supreme Court, 2017

Compensation and Classification Study for the Kansas Supreme Court Office of Judicial Administration, 2017

Costs and Fees Collections Improvement Planning for the Louisiana Supreme Court, 2017

Court Administrator and Probation Recruitment Assistance for the Lake County, Illinois Courts, 2017

Court Job Position Classification Study for the Nebraska Administrative Office of the Courts, 2017

Court Unification Study for the Supreme Court of the U.S. Virgin Islands, 2017

Governance Study and Recommendations for the Multnomah County, Oregon Circuit Court, 2017

Law Library and Self-Represented Litigant Services Evaluation for the Cochise County, Arizona Superior Court, 2017

Magistrate Operations and Workflow Analysis for the 15th Judicial Circuit of Florida, 2017

Municipal and District Court Services Study for the City of Vancouver, Washington, 2017

Operational Review for the Cuyahoga County, Ohio Courts, 2017

Process Re-Engineering and Redesign Consulting Services for the North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts, 2017

Records Management Training Program Development for the Judicial Council of Georgia, Administrative Office of the Courts, 2017

State Court Administrator Recruitment Assistance for the Iowa Supreme Court, 2017 

Workforce Planning and Process Study for the State Bar of California, 2017


Court Consolidation Impact Study for the Twenty-Fifth District Court of Michigan, 2016

Court Criminal Justice Cost Benefit Model (SJI Grant), 2016

Court Governance Implementation Project for the Indiana Courts, 2016

Efficiency and Operations Study for the Kansas City, Missouri Municipal Court, 2016

Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) Board Structural Analysis for the Minnesota Judicial Center, 2016

Municipal Court and Traffic Court Consolidation Review for the New Orleans, Louisiana Courts, 2016

Operational Assessment for the Fort Worth, Texas Municipal Court, 2016

Organizational Review for the Nebraska AOC, 2016

Recruitment Assistance for the Reno, Nevada Justice Court, 2016


Abuse and Neglect Strategic Planning for the Rhode Island Supreme Court, 2015

Best Practices Assessment for the Henderson, Nevada Municipal Court, 2015

Best Practices Assessment for the Missouri Municipal Courts, 2015

Court Employee Handbook Development for Lake County, Illinois, 2015

Court Strategic Planning for Gila River, Arizona, 2015

Criminal Case Processing Assessment for the Bernalillo County, New Mexico Courts, 2015

Douglas County, Nevada Operations Restructuring Project, 2015

Eugene, Oregon Community Justice System Status Reporting, 2015

Justice of the Peace Court Service Process for the State of Delaware, 2015

Operational Assessment for the Indiana Tax Court, 2015

Operations Improvement Project for the Shawnee County, Kansas District Courts, 2015

Seattle, Washington Criminal Division Reorganization, 2015

Strategic Planning for the Judiciary of Guam, 2015

Strategic Planning for the Judiciary of the Virgin Islands, 2015


Assistance with Designing a High Performance Court Planning and Management Process for the City of Scottsdale, Arizona, Municipal Court (SJI Grant), 2014

Governance Assessment of the Chatham County, Georgia, Juvenile Court, 2014

Judicial Leadership Organizational Assessment for the Maryland Administrative Office of the Courts, 2014

Operational Review of the Circuit Court of Cook County’s Pretrial Services Unit of the Adult Probation Department for the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts, 2014

Shared Solutions Summit 2.0—Competencies of a High Performing Texas Court—Facilitation to Develop and Implement Performance Standards in Texas Courts for the Texas Office of Court Administration (SJI Grant), 2014


Analysis of Regional Courts of Limited Jurisdiction for the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts (SJI Grant), 2013

Assessment to Improve Probate Matters for the Maricopa County, Arizona, Superior Court (SJI Grant), 2013

Court Consolidation Study for Franklin Municipal Court, Lebanon Municipal Court, and Warren County Court, Ohio, 2013

Evaluation of Organizational Structure between Supreme and Superior Courts of the Virgin Islands (SJI Grant), 2013

Organizational Structure and Workflow Evaluation for the Criminal Division of the City of Seattle, Washington, City Attorney’s Office, 2013

Review of Municipal Court Operations for Stone Mountain, Georgia, 2013

Study on Transfer of Courtroom Clerks from Office of the Clerk to the Court for the Marion, Indiana, Superior Court, 2013

Study of Indigent Defense Assignments in Felony Cases for Cuyahoga County, Ohio, 2013


Administrative Office Review of the Court of the York County, Pennsylvania Common Pleas (SJI Grant), 2012

Court Assessment of the Des Moines, Washington Municipal Court (SJI Grant), 2012

District Court Consolidation Study for Dearborn Heights, Garden City, Inkster, Wayne, and Westland, Michigan, 2012

Efficiency Review of Cleveland Municipal Court, Ohio Housing Division, 2012

Feasibility Study for Henry County, Indiana Courts and Clerk’s Office, 2012

Operational Assessment of the New Hampshire Administrative Office of the Courts (SJI grant), 2011-2012

Operational Efficiency Study for the Superior and Circuit Courts of Hendricks County, Indiana (SJI Grant), 2012

Operations and Efficiency Study for the Phoenix, Arizona Municipal Court, 2012

Performance Evaluation of Prince George’s County, Maryland Circuit Court (SJI Grant), 2012

Review of Management Structure for the San Mateo, California Superior Court, 2012

Review of Procedures for the City of Greeley, Colorado Municipal Court, 2012


Assessment of Clerical Office and Caseflow Management in Muscogee County, Georgia Superior Court (SJI Grant), 2011

Assist the Louisiana Supreme Court with District Courts’ Compliance with Civil Rules, 2011

Assistance with Court Unification in Clark County, Indiana, 2011

Court Consolidation Study for Mahoning County, Ohio Bar Association (SJI Grant), 2011

Operational Assessment of the Fulton County, Georgia Juvenile Court (SJI Grant), 2011

Operational Assessment of Massachusetts Appeal Court and Report Presentation, 2011

Operational Efficiency Study of the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Court of Common Pleas (SJI Grant), 2011

Organizational Review of the Administrative Office of the Georgia Courts (Part 2) (SJI Grant), 2011

Organizational Study of the Office of the Superior Court Clerk, Bullock County, Georgia, 2011

Performance Audit of the Trial Courts of the Twentieth Judicial District of Tennessee for the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, 2011

Re-Engineer Processes and Structures to Meet the Challenging Fiscal and Political Climate for the Vermont Supreme Court, 2011

Re-Engineering the State Courts in Response to Budget Cutbacks:  Phase II (SJI Grant), 2011

Re-Engineering the State Courts in Response to Budget Cutbacks:  Phase III (SJI Grant), 2011

Review of Court Case Processing Practices and Procedures for the Minnesota Supreme Court, 2011

Review of the Supreme Court Clerk’s Office for the Arkansas Supreme Court, 2011

Supporting and Coordinating State and Local Efforts to Better Understand and Address the Impact of Illegal Immigration on State Courts (SJI Grant), 2011


Administrative Infrastructure Review for the South Dakota Unified Judicial System (SJI Grant), 2010

Assessment of the Charleston, South Carolina Municipal Court, 2010

Assessment of Montgomery, Texas Municipal Court, 2010

Assessment of the Office of the Court Administrator for the Fulton County Superior Court, Georgia (SJI Grant), 2010

Assist State Courts to Maintain Appropriate Level Services by Re-Engineering in Response to Budget Cutbacks (Phase I) (SJI Grant), 2010

Consulting Assistance to Evaluate Policies and Procedures for the Clerk’s Office and Court Operations for the City of Littleton, Colorado Municipal Court, 2010

Evaluate the Criminal Justice System for the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court, Florida, 2010

Examination of the Governance System for the Administrative Office of the Florida Courts, 2010

Organizational Review of the Supreme Court of the Virgin Islands, 2010

Preliminary Assessment of the Georgia Administrative Office of the Courts (Part 1), 2010

Re-Inventing Rural Justice (Re-engineering Project) for the Eight Judicial District, Minnesota (SJI Grant), 2010

Review of the Administrative Office of Courts for Kentucky Court of Justice, 2010

Review of the Beaverton, Oregon, Municipal Court, 2010

Study of Management for the 24th Judicial District (Gretna) Louisiana, 2010


Audit and Review of the Performance and Management Practices of the Office of The Clerk of Fulton County Superior Court, Georgia, 2009

City of Garfield Heights, Ohio Municipal Court Management Audit, 2009

Court Efficiency Study for Hendricks County, Indiana Court (Subcontractor to Banning Engineering), 2009

Evaluation of the Civil and Criminal Justice Systems for the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe, Kingston, Washington, 2009

Facility Utilization Study of the District Court for Polk County, Iowa, 2009

Operational Assessment of the Taylorville, Utah, Justice Court, 2009

Organizational Review and Development of a Strategic Plan for the Alabama Administrative Office of the Courts, 2009

Review of Form Redundancy for the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit, Lake County, Illinois, 2009


A Strategic Plan and Time Standards for the Supreme Court of the Northern Mariana Islands, 2008

Assessment and Redesign of Access and Service Delivery for the Minnesota State Court Administrator, 2008

Assistance to the Georgia Administrative Office of the Courts to Develop Strategies to Assist with Better Communication and Education of the Judiciary and General Public, 2008

Audit of Lakewood, Colorado Municipal Court, 2008

British Columbia, Canada Assistance in Developing a Centralized Bail Model, 2008

Conduct Surveys of Court Customers and Court Employees in the Superior Courts of Colusa, Nevada, Tehama, and Yuba Counties, California, 2008

Court System Assessment Study for the Board of County Commissioners, Escambia County, Florida, 2008

Court System Assessment Study for the Escambia County, Florida Board of County Commissioners, 2008

Develop a Strategic Plan for the Georgia Supreme Court’s Committee on Civil Justice, 2008

Facilitation of the Rural Courts Retreat and Follow-up Assistance with Strategic Planning for the Unified Judicial System of South Dakota, 2008

Meeting Assistance to the Houston, Texas Municipal Court to Clarify and Align The Strategic Plans of the Administrative, Judicial, and Prosecutorial Offices, 2008

Newark, New Jersey Municipal Court Operations Review, 2008

Operational Assessment and Development of a Policy and Procedures Manual For Surprise, Arizona City Court, 2008

Operational Efficiency Assessment of the Fifteenth Judicial District Court, City of Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2008

Organizational and Operational Assessment of the Clerk’s Office of the Massachusetts Appeals Court, 2008

Phase I and Phase II - Assist with Strategic Plan Development for the Superior Court of Thurston County, Washington, 2008

Planning, Facilitation, and Guidance for the Strategic Planning Retreat for The Judicial Information System Committee, Washington Administrative Office of the Courts, 2008

Records Management Consultant Project for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Capital Assets Management, 2008

Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Records Management Study, 2008

Review the Governance Structure and Assist with Recruitment of New Court, 2008

Administrator for the 22nd Circuit Court in McHenry County, Illinois, 2008

Review the Roles and Responsibilities of the Office of the Georgia State Court Administrator, 2008

Study of the Row Office Consolidation for the Orphans’ Court, Family Division, Civil Division and Criminal Division of the Court of Common Pleas, Alleghany County, Pennsylvania, 2008


Assessment of Juvenile Court System for Shelby County, Tennessee, 2007

Assistance in Initiating Operations of the Supreme Court of the Virgin Islands Business Practice Analysis for the Lake County, Indiana Superior and Circuit, 2007

Courts (subcontractor to MAXIMUS) Facilitation of Strategic Planning Meeting of the Colorado Inter-Agency Advisory Committee on Adult and Juvenile Correctional Treatment, 2007

Facilitation of Strategic Planning of the Missouri Unified Family Court for the Eleventh and Twenty-fifth Circuits for the Office of Court Administration, 2007

IT Strategic Plan for the South Dakota Unified Judicial System, 2007

Operational Review of the Court Services Department in the Tenth Judicial District Court, Sherburne County, Minnesota, 2007

Operations and Staffing Assessment of the Atlanta, Georgia Municipal Court’s Public Defenders Office, 2007

Organizational Assessment for McKean County, Pennsylvania, 2007

Planning for an Inquiry into the Trial Court Culture for the Lucas County Court of Common Pleas, Ohio, 2007

Presentations on Strategic Planning and IT Governance, Assessment of Current Technology Systems, and Creating the Vision to Move Forward at the Oklahoma Court System Symposium, 2007

Training Session on Development in Trial Court Governance and Leadership, 2007


Education at the Annual Meeting of the Arkansas Presiding Judges Conduct Judicial Retreat for Cochise County, Arizona, Superior Court, 2006

Pinal County, Arizona, Long-term Court Strategic Plan, 2006

Travis County, Texas, Assess Document Management System, 2006


A Review of Pretrial Services and Atlanta Victim Assistance for the City of Atlanta, Georgia, 2005

Bradford County, Pennsylvania Operations Review (Technical Assistance), 2005

Customer Service Evaluation of the Territorial Court U. S. Virgin Islands, 2005

Greene County, Ohio, Operational Review of the Court of Common Pleas, 2005

Judiciary of Guam, Review of Management Practices, Judicial Workload, Caseflow and Personnel Efficiencies, 2005

Knox County, Tennessee, Business Process Review of General Sessions and Criminal Court Clerk’s Offices, 2005

Management Audit of the Salt Lake City, Utah Justice Court (subcontractor to Matrix Consulting Group), 2005

Operational Assessment of the Clerk of Court’s Office, Virginia Beach Virginia General District Court, 2005

Pinal County, Arizona, Superior Court, Operational Review and Workflow Analysis, 2005

Process Improvement and Re-engineering Efforts in New Hampshire Courts, 2005

Puerto Rico Judicial System, Study of Unionization of Court Employees, 2005

Records Management Review for Chatham County, Georgia Superior Court, 2005

Review of the Clerk’s Office, Galveston County, Texas, 2005

Review of Court Operations of the Grandview, Missouri, Municipal Court, 2005

Seventh Judicial District of Minnesota, Study of the Management and Administrative Structure, 2005


Carroll County, Georgia, Evaluation of the Drug Court, 2004

Chatham County, Georgia, Superior Court, Organization and Management Review, 2004

Cherokee County, Georgia, Superior Court Assist in Development of RFP for Case and Case and Document Management Systems, 2004

Cook County, Illinois, Clerk of Circuit Court, Develop Information Technology Strategic Plan, 2004

Evaluation of the Florida Supreme Court Library (Technical Assistance), 2004

Examination of Juror Selection in Allen Superior Court, Allen Circuit Court, Ft. Wayne, Indiana, 2004

First Judicial District of Pennsylvania, Family Court Division of the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, Financial Analysis, Review of Grant Reimbursement Practices, and Organizational Analysis, 2004

Florida Courts Technology Commission Implementation of Electronic Filing for the Clerk, 2004

Florida Office of State Court Administrator, Operations Review of IT Department, 2004

Fourth District Court of Nebraska, Management Assessment, 2004

Greene County, Ohio, Operational Review of the Court of Common Pleas, 2004

Louisiana 24th Judicial District Court Management and Organizational Assessment, 2004

Minnesota Judicial Branch Technical Analysis of Uniform Court Practice #18, 2004

Minnesota Technical Analysis of Uniform Court Practice #18, 2004

Missouri Office of the State Courts Administrator, 31st Judicial Circuit Family Court Review, 2004

Monitoring Family Court Outcomes in the District of Columbia Court: Implementing Tools to Measure and Improve Court Performance in Child Abuse and Neglect Cases, 2004

Osceola County, Florida, Circuit County Courts, the Adoption and Implementation of Electronic Document Filing Systems, 2004

Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, Evaluation of Criminal Justice Advisory Boards, 2004

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Court of Common Pleas, Assessment of Civil Programs, 2004

Pinal County, Arizona, Assistance with Strategic Planning, 2004

South Dakota Unified Judicial System, Review of ICWA Compliance, 2004

Town of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, Performance Audit, 2004

Urbana, Ohio, Operational Assessment of the Urbana Municipal Court, 2004

Utah Administrative Office of the Courts, Technology Strategic Plan, 2004

Operational Assessment of Cleveland, Ohio Municipal Court (SJI Grant), 2011