Mental Health Court Performance Measures

Mental Health Court Performance Measures

MHCPM is a set of 14 performance measures that offers court managers and administrators a tool to monitor the performance of mental health courts.  These measures were designed by the NCSC with guidance from national experts and field tested by four courts across the country.  The measures are designed to be used as a management tool, to monitor program performance, and to demonstrate accountability to funding agencies, court leaders, external partners, and the public.


Intro & Overview  Implementation & User's Guide
A look at the 14 core performance measures and
how they are used.
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 What is a performance measure?
 Why should you care?
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Data Analysis Templates

MHCPM Data Analysis Templates 

Data analysis templates are free, Excel-based templates that enable the user to download spreadsheets, calculate the measures, and produce graphical output for each performance measure.


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Performance Measurement of Drug Courts: The State of the Art (2008). This Statewide Technical Assistance (TA) Bulletin updates the volume published in 2004 that described the methodology used by the National Center for State Courts to develop Statewide Performance Measurement Systems for the drug courts of several states.