Courts are Conversations: An Argument for Increased Engagement by Court Leaders

In Courts as Conversations: An Argument for Increased Engagement by Court Leaders, social media expert Garrett Graff explains the true significance of the arrival of social media as it alters the expectations and habits of American society. He advises state court leaders that they “must not only learn how to communicate with new tools; they must also envision new means of judicial engagement with the public through the new social media that can further advance the legitimacy of courts in a democratic society.”

Garrett M. Graff is the editor of The Washingtonian magazine, the author of The First Campaign: Globalization, the Web, and the Race for the White House (FSG, 2007), and in 2005 was the first blogger accredited to cover White House press briefings. He teaches social media at Georgetown University.



The Executive Session develops and answers questions that U.S. state courts will face in the foreseeable future, attempting to clarify what leaders of state courts can and should do to distinguish their role in our system of democratic governance.