Juror and Jury Use of New Media: A Baseline Exploration

In Juror and Jury Use of New Media: A Baseline Exploration, NCSC staff members Paula Hannaford-Agor, David Rottman, and Nicole Waters offer insights into the current and likely future use of new media by jurors at all stages of the process. The members of the Executive Session on State Court Leadership in the 21st Century requested the design of a research project that could explore the impact of the new media on jurors and jury decision-making as a basis for recommending steps to reconcile new media use with the adversarial process.

Paula Hannaford-Agor and Nicole Waters are the key staff of the NCSC’s Center for Jury Studies, with a reputation for being in the forefront of jury innovations. David Rottman is a senior staff member of the NCSC’s Research Division.



More videos on the Harvard Executive Session are available here.


The Executive Session develops and answers questions that U.S. state courts will face in the foreseeable future, attempting to clarify what leaders of state courts can and should do to distinguish their role in our system of democratic governance.