Reengineering through changes to business processes and technology

Centralization of functions:

  • Electronic processing of payments, i.e. fines, fees, restitution, and juror per diem
  • Automated referral to collection departments or agencies
  • Collections processing
  • Traffic citations processing
  • Call Centers to answer questions about any case in the state
  • Jury management functions
    • Jury summons
    • Juror qualification questionnaires
  • Processing and issuance of default judgment orders
  • Probate annual reports
  • Education for judges and staff

Videoconferencing (Interactive Television)

  • Arraignments for incarcerated defendants
  • Detention hearings for detained juveniles
  • Child support hearings
  • Motions in civil cases that do not involve testimony
  • Additional simple hearings
  • Interpreters for persons with limited English proficiency
  • Off-site live testimony


  • Establish a statewide fine schedule for petty misdemeanors
  • Expand the list of misdemeanors and ordinance violations that are payables
  • Implement “in-court updating” to make docket entries into the case management system, preparing sentencing and other orders and to affix electronic signatures
  • Transition to digital recording of court proceedings


  • Create a single tier trial court or a single tier limited jurisdiction court
  • Consolidate the number of districts
  • Reallocate judges to districts based upon weighted caseload
  • Review jurisdiction and venue, particularly as it relates to the centralized filing of cases and the centralized issues of orders
  • Expand the use of subordinate judicial officers to hear:
    • Small claims
    • Housing
    • Traffic
    • Child support
    • Other: ...
  • Consolidate clerks/managers with expansion of responsibility to multiple locations


  • Electronic filing
    • Establish one or more centralized filing centers, by region and/or by case type
    • Turbo-tax type software to simplify document filings for self represented litigants (i.e. A2J)
    • Electronic citation by all law enforcement agencies
  • Create an electronic file with an electronic document management system
  • Develop electronic workflow
  • Enable judges and staff to affix electronic signatures on orders and notices
  • Make electronic case files from every court in the jurisdiction accessible to one or more call centers and/or to all court locations
  • Create a virtual Web-Based Information Center to provide direct public access to court records and to provide information helpful particularly to self represented litigants