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National standards

The NCSC has partnered on the development of a number of national standards for these communities and needs:

  • National Information Exchange Model (NIEM)
  • Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM)
  • Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPDs)
  • NCSC Child Welfare NET Project

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Court-specific standards

Recognizing the state court's need for functional standards in computer systems and the staffing limitations that exist in most state courts, the National Consortium for Court Functional Standards has developed a set of functional standards for developing new computer systems for Civil, Domestic Relations, Criminal, and Traffic case management, as well as for e-filing.

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Court Technology Bulletin

Our Court Technology Bulletin provides the latest technologicial news and developments from around the court community -- standards, CMS implementations, e-filing, RFPs and more.

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Technology vendors

Our vendor list helps court managers find appropriate vendors for their technology needs.

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Technology topics

For more information, browse the National Center's database of technology-oriented resources.

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