Working Documents

These are working documents and drafts used in current or recent CTFWG activities. They are intended for review/vetting purposes only:

Draft documents:
  • Working draft of CTF Priorities for 2011 (PDF)
  • CTF Checklist for discussion at August CTFWG meeting
  • Working draft of CTF Introduction document (latest draft dated July 9, 2010) (PDF)
  • Updated CTF Definitions incorporating Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (PDF)
CTF Profiles:
  • CTF profile template (MS Excel Workbook) to facilitate collecting information relating to best practices, key questions, tasks, references, and other releavent pieces of information that are important to a particular problem, business function, or business process in support of a court capability.
  • E-filing CTF Profile example (MS Excel Workbook)
  • This is a snapshot with very limited content simply to illustrate how data could be captured in the CTF Profile template. This is NOT a complete e-filing profile.
Documents from CTFWG meeting in Seattle - March 16-17, 2010

Tables and diagrams provided here are examples only with very limited content. They are incomplete products being considered for ongoing work that may be useful when completed.

  • Notes on changes to CTF definitions for Disaster Recover and Business Continuity (PDF)
  • Slides summarizing process and examples for mapping e-filing to the CTF (PowerPoint)
  • Mindmap example of e-filing issues by CTF component (PDF)
  • Mindmap example of e-filing issues by Stakeholder (PDF)
  • Mindmap example of e-filing issues by Area of Concern (PDF)
Documentation, articles and other materials for mapping e-filing to the CTF: