Future Trends 2011
Improving Court Access: Enhancing Access

“As judges we will confront the challenges of today and those of the future in much the same manner that we have in the past: by applying our breadth of knowledge, our depth of understanding so that we may fairly apply the rule of law.”

Chief Justice Eric Brown of Ohio, State of the Judiciary 2010

The Need for Solid Court Leadership:  Reflections on the Fourth National Symposium on Court Management
Michael L. Buenger

It’s a New Day:  Future Trends Require Revolutionary Changes in Courts
John A. Martin and Brenda J. Wagenknecht-Ivey

The High Performance Court Framework
Brian J. Ostrom, Matthew Kleiman, and Roger A. Hanson

Case Triage for the 21st Century
Thomas M. Clarke and Victor E. Flango

Principles of Judicial Administration:  The Lens of Change
Daniel J. Hall