The editors of Future Trends in State Courts 2011 extend a sincere thank you to all who contributed to the 2011 edition.  Individual assistance ranges from authoring an article, to serving on the Review Board, to providing insight on cutting-edge issues affecting courts, and countless other important tasks.  Each individual’s contribution demonstrates the enthusiasm and dedication that members of the court community bring to the field of court administration, and we are grateful for the enduring commitment and support that we receive from colleagues, consultants, and experts, both within the NCSC and within the court community.

This year, it is with both sadness and fond memories that the editors offer a farewell salute to a beloved colleague: the late Chris Crawford.  Tirelessly dedicated to the continual improvement of court administration, Chris was never without a kind word, encouraging demeanor, or inspiring message for those who work in the courts.  He selflessly shared his knowledge and expertise, relentlessly urging others to embrace their own talents and abilities for the benefit of our nation’s courts.  A true friend, mentor, and inspiration to countless individuals, Chris will be dearly missed.

Contributions to articles published in Future Trends in State Courts 2011 reflect the recent work of numerous colleagues that span the court community.  The editors wish to thank the following individuals for their assistance with the 2011 edition:  James L. Adams, Sandy L. Adkins, Paula L. Hannaford-Agor, Judith A. Amidon, the Honorable Paul H. Anderson, Lee Applebaum, Erica Bakies, Robert N. Baldwin, Sondra D. Battle, Katherine Bladow, Ephanie A. Blair, Bryan D. Borys, Michael L. Buenger, the Honorable Kevin S. Burke, Pam Burton, Linda Caviness, Fred Cheesman, John A. Clarke, Melanca Clark, Thomas M. Clarke,Nicole ClaroQuinn, Laura Click, Kathy Mays Coleman, Peter Coolsen, Janet G. Cornell, Chris Crawford, Chris Davey, Paul F. DeLosh, Jude Del Preore, Callie T. Dietz, the Honorable Herbert B. Dixon, Jr., John Doerner, John W. Douglas, Paul Embley, Timm Fautsko, Claudia J. Fernandes, Victor E. Flango, Resa Gilats, Beverly P. Goodman, James Goetz, Diana Graski, Gordon M. Griller, Daniel J. Hall, Nathan W. Hall, Rebecca Hulse, Roger A. Hanson, Claudia C. Johnson, F. Dale Kasparek, Jr., Peter Kiefer, Ingo Keilitz, Laura Kiernan, Laura G. Klaversma, Matthew Kleiman, the Honorable Dale R. Koch, John Kostouros, Karen Kringlie, the Honorable Cindy S. Lederman, Deborah Leff, the Honorable Brenda S. Loftin, Barry Mahoney, the Honorable Tanja K. Manrique, John A. Martin, Ernest J. Mazorol III, James E. McMillan, Mary Campbell McQueen, Ginger Meyer, John Meeks, Lorri W. Montgomery, Neil Nesheim, Elaine Nugent-Borakove, Daniel Olmos, Brian J. Ostrom, Lynn Overmann, Cynthia Paoletta, Pam Petrakis, Zygmont A. Pines, Joyce Raby, William E. Raftery, Marcus W. Reinkensmeyer, Wanda Romberger, David Rottman, Charles Ruby, Jesse Rutledge, Mary T. Sammon, Nancy M. Sillery, David W. Slayton, Stacey Smith, Michael S. Sommermeyer, Alison H. Sonntag, Suzanne H. Stinson, Charlotte Stockwell, Christine Stoneman, Lee Suskin, Nora E. Sydow, Laurence H. Tribe, Brenda K. Uekert, Paul M. Uyehara, Richard Van Duizend, William C. Vickrey, Brenda J. Wagenknecht-Ivey, Lin Walker, Nicole L. Waters, Susan Whalen, Emily Whitaker, Debra Whitcomb, Gwen W. Williams, Martha Wright, Robert A. Zastany, and Richard Zorza.

The editors would also like to thank VisualResearch, Inc.—Neal B. Kauder, Patrick K. Davis, Kara Humphreys, Kimberly Langston, and Daniel Regan—for their assistance with the layout, information graphics, and production of the 2011 edition of Future Trends in State Courts.

The Future Trends in State Courts 2011 editorial staff also recognize LexisNexis for their ongoing provision of online legal resources and research support.