NCSC Services and Resources

Social Media and E-Communications

The National Center for State Courts (NCSC) is reaching out to courts, the public, and those interested in the judiciary through a variety of social-media outlets, e-communications, and blogs, all of which allow NCSC to share important, up-to-the-minute information quickly.  In addition to its Facebook account, NCSC currently maintains six Twitter accounts, each designed to provide targeted content:

  • @statecourts, the main feed for NCSC

  • @GaveltoGavel, which provides a weekly review of legislation affecting the courts

  • @NCSC_ICM, which features news from the National Center’s educational division 

  • @NCSCIntl, which provides updates from the International Division

  • @NCSCLibrary, which contains news from the world’s leading collection of judicial administration titles

  • @NCSCNewMedia, which follows the impact of new media on the courts

In addition, NCSC offers a number of e-publications that explore issues relevant to state courts. 

  • @ The Center, highlighting NCSC’s major projects, publications, and conferences

  • Connected, exploring how courts use and are affected by new media

  • Federal Funding Report, providing courts with tips about grants from federal and private funding sources

  • Gavel to Gavel, reviewing state legislation affecting the courts

  • Jur-E Bulletin, containing news about jury management

  • NCSC Backgrounder, providing the media and individuals with statistics and facts related to current issues

  • State Courts and the Economy, offering insight into how state courts are coping with the economic downturn

To subscribe to any of NCSC’s e-publications, visit

For those interested in regular updates and in-depth information on technology and legislative trends, the National Center offers the Court Technology Bulletin blog, located at, and the Gavel to Gavel blog, located at


Annual Report 2010: Trusted Leadership. Proven Solutions. Better Courts. 

For nearly 40 years, the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) has dedicated its work to providing essential court services and leadership to state courts across the country and around the world. Each year, the NCSC builds, strengthens, and reinforces its services. In 2010, the NCSC organized and hosted the Fourth National Symposium on Court Management, which provided constructive dialogue on how courts can improve their operations and service to the public. NCSC’s 2010 Annual Report reflects on the issues discussed and looks ahead to how the NCSC is helping courts reach their potential. 

NCSC’s CMP Licensee Program

NCSC’s Institute for Court Management, ICM, has developed a Licensee Program for its Court Management Program courses.  Through the Licensee Program, ICM offers court associations and court entities a cost-effective opportunity to offer ICM courses locally using qualified court staff from their state, locality, or association membership.  Two levels of certification are available through the Licensee Program.  For more information, go to, “Education and Careers.”

Budget Resource Center

Courts looking for guidance in tough budgetary times can turn to NCSC’s Budget Resource Center at Features include a Google news feed for up-to-date information, links to NCSC publications related to court budgets, an interactive map of state activities regarding budgets, and resources directed toward more specific topics, such as collecting fines and fees. 

NCSC Graphic Novel Series

Justice Case Files is a series of illustrated novels created by NCSC to educate the public about how our courts work, how judges make decisions, and how courts are accountable to the law. The newest issue in the series, Justice Case Files 3: The Case of Jury Duty, follows an 18-year-old called for jury service for a trial about underage drinking and driving. The story lines and content for the series were developed by judges and other legal professionals, and the books were illustrated and published by Layne Morgan Media, an educational graphic novel company. Lesson plans have also been developed for teachers and the courts. For more information, or to order, please contact Lorri Montgomery at NCSC, 757-259-1525, or

Judicial Salary Resource Center

NCSC’s Judicial Salary Resource Center provides courts with an online resource for the most up-to-date salary data for judges and court administrators at all levels.  State court administrative offices can enter their salary data into the Resource Center directly—as soon as the data are available.  The Resource Center also allows users to pull up the specific salary information they need, as well as view the archive of current and past issues of the Survey of Judicial Salaries.  The Judicial Salary Resource Center is located at

Center for Elders and the Courts

The Center for Elders and the Courts (CEC) serves as the primary resource for the judiciary and court management on issues related to aging. CEC strives to increase judicial awareness of issues related to aging, provide training tools and resources to improve court responses to elder abuse and adult guardianships, and develop a collaborative community of judges, court staff, and experts on aging. CEC’s Web site can be found at  

ICM Fellows Program

The ICM Fellows Program is the flagship educational program of NCSC’s Institute for Court Management (ICM).  The only program of its kind in the United States, the Fellows Program is dedicated to developing the leadership skills of those pursuing a career in court administration.  Graduates of this rigorous, four-phase program—which challenges participants to develop analytical, administrative, and communication skills—earn the distinction of becoming a Fellow of ICM.  Certification is often a requirement for upper-management positions in the state courts.  For more information, go to, “Education and Careers,” “Certification Programs,” “ICM Fellows Program.”

Court Consulting Services

NCSC’s Court Consulting Services group provides direct consulting services to improve the management and operation of state appellate courts and state and local trial courts.  We not only work with courts and judges to promote improvement and streamline justice processes, but also provide consulting services to other agencies engaged in state and local justice services, such as probation and community correction departments, as well as cities, counties, and state governments.  Court Consulting Services maintains a team of experts in a variety of disciplines, including:

  • Children and Families

  • Court Facilities

  • Court Performance

  • Court and Personal Security

  • Family and Juvenile Courts

  • Financial Reporting and Collections

  • High Performance Courts

  • Judicial Performance

  • Municipal Courts

  • Probation

  • Problem-Solving Courts

  • Process Improvement

To learn more about Court Consulting Services, please check the National Center for State Courts’ Web site at, “Services and Experts”; call 800-466-3063; or e-mail Laura Klaversma at

Online, Interactive Data from the Court Statistics Project

Two of NCSC’s most popular annual publications, Examining the Work of State Courts and State Court Caseload Statistics, deliver more than the most accessible, up-to-date analysis of caseload trends in the state courts.  Online, interactive features now allow users to download the data represented in charts, tables, and graphs and navigate to related reference documents on the Web.  Users can also query the Court Statistics Project’s database by state or geographic area, as well as download pdfs of CSP’s latest reports.  For more information, go to, “Information and Resources” (“Comparing State Courts”).

The Justice System Journal 

The National Center for State Courts’ Justice System Journal is a refereed, scholarly journal dedicated to judicial administration that features the latest scholarship on topics of interest to judges, such as “alternative” courts, court administration and management, and public perceptions of justice.

Published three times per year; rates are $40/1 year, $70/two years (international subscribers, except Canada, should add $30 for delivery via air mail PMT).  For more information and to subscribe, go to “Publications.”

NCSC Technology Services

NCSC is dedicated to helping courts make the best and most economical use of the latest technology to improve their operations.  Products and services include:

  • The Court Technology Framework

  • Development of technology standards in cooperation with the Joint Technology Committee, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, and many other justice system partners

  • Technical assistance to courts and justice system partners

  • Research and information on emerging technologies that may be beneficial to courts

  • Technology Vendor List

  • Court Technology Bulletin blog

  • Technology-consulting services in cooperation with NCSC’s Court Services Division

Consulting Division

For more information, contact technology Conference (CtC) 2011Long Beach, California, October 4-6

CTC brings together more than 1,500 court professionals from across the country and across the world for three days of learning, training, and networking. There simply is no conference on par with CTC that gives you the tools you need to deliver solutions for your court.  CTC also features the world’s largest court technology exhibit show.  For more information, go to

NCSC International

NCSC International serves institutions and organizations worldwide that are seeking innovative solutions to justice system problems.  Efforts abroad include reforming and modernizing the justice sector, including:

  • Management and administration

  • Education and training

  • Justice system organizations and governance

  • Judicial independence

For more information, go to