Future Trends 2011
Improving Court Access: Special Programs

“The role of the judiciary has evolved substantially over the years, from simply deciding cases to helping, in many instances, to address the underlying problems, and alleviate the impacts of those problems.”

Chief Justice Mark E. Recktenwald of Hawaii, State of the Judiciary 2011

Courts and Universities Partner to Improve Access to Justice for All Californians
William C. Vickrey, Nicole Claro-Quinn, and Martha Wright

Emerging Strategies in Foreclosure Mediation
Melanca Clark and Daniel Olmos

Adult Guardianships:  A “Best Guess” National Estimate and the Momentum for Reform
Brenda K. Uekert and Richard Van Duizend

A Decade of NCSC Research on Blended Sentencing of Juvenile Offenders:  What Have We Learned About “Who Gets a Second Chance?”
Fred Cheesman

Educational Well-Being:  Court Outcome Measures for Children in Foster Care
Victor E. Flango and Nora Sydow