Future Trends in State Courts 2012 was truly a team effort. Without the support and dedication of the court community this publication would not have been possible. The editors wish to thank the following individuals for their assistance with the 2012 edition:

James L. Adams, Alexander B. Aikman, Robert N. Baldwin, Michelle Ballard, Laura Banish, Sondra D. Battle, Daniel J. Becker, Howard H. Berchtold, Jr., Steve Berson, Robert Boisseau, The Honorable David V. Brewer, Michael L. Buenger, The Honorable Kevin S. Burke, Craig M. Burshem, Pam Burton, Jennifer Cafferty, Daniel Canjou, The Honorable Anthony Capizzi , Thomas M. Clarke, Peter Coolsen, Janet G. Cornell, Peggy Cotogno, Diane Cowdrey, Mark A. Cunningham, Alicia K. Davis, Paul F. DeLosh, Jude Del Preore, Callie T. Dietz, John Doerner, John W. Douglas, Gillian Dutton, Carolyn Edlund, Timm Fautsko, Jessica Feierman, Claudia J. Fernandes, Victor E. Flango, Donald D. Goodnow, Diana Graski, Peter T. Grossi, Jr., Nathan W. Hall, Pat Griffin, Paula L. Hannaford-Agor, Roger A. Hanson, Gina Jackson, The Honorable Wallace B. Jefferson, Claudia C. Johnson, Meredith Josef, F. Dale Kasparek, Jr., Ingo Keilitz, Peter Kiefer, Laura Kiernan, Laura G. Klaversma, The Honorable Dale R. Koch, Karen Kringlie, Tara Kunkel, The Honorable Cindy S. Lederman, The Honorable Fred Lewis, Kermit Lind, Gregory J. Linhares, The Honorable Brenda S. Loftin, Michael Lombardo, Scott Loos, Donna Mazzanti, Melody McKinley, James E. McMillan, Mary Campbell McQueen, John R. Meeks, Jon L. Mills, Lorri W. Montgomery, The Honorable Eileen C. Moore, Jennifer S. Murray, Neil Nesheim, Ann A. O’Connell, Brian J. Ostrom, Maria Perez-Chambers, Rory Perry, The Honorable Raymond L. Pianka, Zygmont A. Pines, Gail Posey, Marcus W. Reinkensmeyer, Nial Raaen, Wm. T. (Bill) Robinson III, Wanda Romberger, David Rottman, Jesse Rutledge, Nancy Sillery, David W. Slayton, Alison H. Sonntag, David C. Steelman, Suzanne H. Stinson, Daniel Straub, Lee Suskin, Steve Swensen, Karl Thoennes, Nina Thomas, Ashley Tucker, M. Christy Tull, Brenda K. Uekert, Konstantina Vagenas, Nicole L. Waters, Robert D. Wessels, Karen Westover, Carol Westwood, Emily Whitaker, The Honorable A. Ellen White, Gwen W. Williams, Robert A. Zastany, and Richard Zorza.

The editors would also like to thank VisualResearch, Inc.—Neal B. Kauder, Patrick K. Davis, Kara Humphreys, Kimberly Langston, and Daniel Regan (for CD design and production)—for their assistance with the graphic design, research, and production of the 2012 edition of Future Trends in State Courts.

The Future Trends in State Courts 2012 editorial staff also recognizes LexisNexis for their ongoing provision of online legal resources and research support.