Articles by Author

Leadership and the Courts

Burke, Hon. Kevin S.

Leadership Without Fear

Linhares, Gregory J.

Vision, Function, and the Kitchen Sink: The Evolving Role of the State Court Administrator

Robinson III, Wm. T. (Bill)

Criminal Justice Reforms Enhance Public Safety and Strengthen Our Courts

Courts and the Community

Cornell, Janet G.

Limited-Jurisdiction Courts--Challenges, Opportunities, and Strategies for Action

Cunningham, Mark A.

Why Establishing a Center for Law and Civic Education Matters

Davis, Alicia K. and Jackson, Gina

Meaningful and Ongoing Engagement of Tribes and State Courts in Child Protection

Moore, Hon. Eileen C. Moore

A Mentor in Combat Veterans Court: Observations and Challenges

Perez-Chambers, Maria and Tucker, Ashley

Delaware's Successful Strides Toward Language Access in the Courts

Pianka, Hon. Raymond L.

Cleveland Housing Court--A Problem-Solving Court Adapts to New Challenges

Reinkensmeyer, Marcus W. and Murray, Jennifer S.

Court-Community Connections: Strategies for Effective Collaboration

White, Hon. A. Hellen and Burshem, Craig M.

Problem Solving for Support Enforcement: Virginia's Intensive Case Monitoring Program

Zorza, Richard

Turner v. Rogers: Improving Due Process for the Self-Represented

Better Courts

Aikman, Alexander B.

Making the "Pain of Real People" Part of Courts' Budget Arguments

Becker, Daniel J.

Reengineering: Utah's Experience in Centralizing Transcript Management

Clarke, Thomas M.

Is There a Market for Legal Decisions?

Fautsko, Timm, Berson, Steve and Swensen, Steve

Courthouse Security Incidents Trending Upward, The Challenges Facing State Courts Today

Grossi, Jr., Peter T., Mills, Jon L. and Vegenas, Konstantina

Crisis in the Courts: Reconnaissance and Recommendations

Hannaford-Agor, Paula and Waters, Nicole L.

The Evolution of the Summary Jury Trial: A Flexible Tool to Meet a Variety of Needs

Kiernan, Laura

"Insourcing" for Better Service: The New Hampshire Courts' "Live" Call Center

Steelman, David C. and Davis, Alicia K.

Probate DCM to Protect Vulnerable Adults

Court Education

Cowdrey, Diane and Meeks, John

Blended Learning in Judicial Education: Increased Effectiveness, Reduced Cost

Keilitz, Ingo and Meeks, John

A Global Academy of Court Executive Education and Development

Thoennes, Karl and Kiefer, Peter

Generations, Courts and Ethics

Tull, M. Christy and O'Connell, Ann A.

Investments in Human Capital Pay Dividends for Courts

Privacy Policy and Technology Solutions

Capizzi, Hon. Anthony

What You Need to Know About Privacy, Civil Rights, and Civil Liberties Protections for Courts

Davis, Alicia K.

Understanding HIPAA to Overcome Challenges in Child and Family Cases

Feierman, Jessica

Information Education Agencies Can Share with Child Welfare Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Flango, Victor E.

Privacy Policy and Technology Solutions: Introduction to the Issues

Graski, Diana and Clarke, Thomas M.

Automating the Enforcement of Privacy Policies

Kunkel, Tara

Substance Abuse and Confidentiality: 42 CFR Part 2