Court Education

Law Day ContestIn an effort to expand law-related
education, the National Center for State
Courts facilitated a Law Day Art Contest.
Several students from local public elementary
schools submitted drawings depicting this
year’s American Bar Association Law Day
theme of “No Courts, No Justice, No
Freedom.” The winning drawing was created
by a 5th-grade student, Maria Vozikis, from
Magruder Elementary School in Williamsburg, Va.


 Blended Learning In Judicial Education:  Increased Effectiveness, Reduced Cost
 John Meeks
Diane Cowdrey

Investments in Human Capital Pay Dividends for Courts
M. Christy Tull
Ann A. O’Connell

A Global Academy of Court Executive Education and Development  
Ingo Keilitz 
John Meeks

Generations, Courts, and Ethics  
Karl Thoennes 
Peter Kiefer