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Carol R. Flango
Amy M. McDowell
Deborah W. Saunders
Nora E. Sydow
Charles F. Campbell
Neal B. Kauder

Knowledge and Information Services Staff

Jesse Rutledge, Vice President, External Affairs
Carol R. Flango, Director, KIS
Joan K. Cochet, Library Resource Manager
Gregory S. Hurley, Senior KIS Analyst
William E. Raftery, KIS Analyst
Deborah W. Saunders, Senior KIS Analyst
Nora E. Sydow, Senior KIS Analyst
Cheryl L. Wright, Program Specialist
Erica Bakies, Intern
Catherine E. Cognetti, Intern

This report is part of the National Center for State Courts’ “Report on Trends in the State Courts” series. Opinions herein are those of the authors, not necessarily of the National Center for State Courts.

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C. Flango, A. McDowell, D. Saunders, N. Sydow, C. Campbell, and N. Kauder. Future Trends in State Courts 2012 (Williamsburg, VA: National Center for State Courts, 2012).