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Article: Veterans Treatment Courts
Author: Julie Marie Baldwin, Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

Article: Evidence Based Management for Tomorrow's Successful Court Leader
Author: Janet G. Cornell, Court Consultant, Former Court Administrator, Scottsdale City Court, Arizona

Article: So You Think You Know What a Case Is?
Author: John T. Matthias, Principal Court Management Consultant

Article: Who Cares About Adoption Data? We Do.
Author: Deborah Smith, Knowledge and Information Services Senior Analyst, National Center for State Courts
Video: Who Cares About Adoption Data? We Do.

Article: Traffic Resource Center for Judges
Author: Greg Hurley, Knowledge and Information Services Analyst, National Center for State Courts
Video: Traffic Resource Center for Judges

Article: Connecticut Judicial Branch Courthouse Observation Team
Author: Heather Nann Collins, Court Planner, Connecticut Judicial Branch
Video: Chief Justice Chase Rodgers on Access to Justice


Article: Judicial Selection in the States
Author: William Raftery, Knowledge and Information Analyst

Article: Judicial Roles for Modern Courts
Author: Victor Eugene Flango, Executive Director, Program Resource Development, National Center for State Courts (ret.)
Video: The Evolving Role of Judges

Article: A Map of the History of Texas: Supreme Court Task Force Works to Preserve Historical Court Records
Author: Judy L. Marchman, Publications Manager, Texas Bar Journal
Video: Texas Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Jefferson discusses how the Texas Supreme Court Task Force is working to preserve historical court records.

Improving Access to Justice for Self-Represented Litigants
Author: Center on Court Access to Justice for All
Videos: New York Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman discusses Access to Justice.
Connecticut Chief Justice Chase Rodgers talks about Access to Justice.
NCSC Deborah Smith discusses her visit to the National Association of State Judicial Educators Conference promoting Access to Justice.

Article: New Handbook Offers Strategies for Restoring Court Funding
Authors: Jesse Rutledge, Vice President of External Affairs, National Center for State Courts
Bert Brandenburg, Executive Director, Justice at Stake
Video: Jesse Rutledge explains Funding Justice.

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