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Jefferson County Mental Health Court.  Hears Adult Mental Health Involuntary Commitment Cases. 

Mental Health Court Eligibility and Program Outline


Palmer District Court (CCRP). Established 2004 to address the unique needs of misdemeanor offenders with mental health disorders.

Therapeutic Courts Information

Alaska Mental Health Court Project


Mental Health Court Advisory Committee

Mental Health Court Standard

Maricopa County Mental Health Court. Superior Court of Maricopa County.  Established in 2002.

Pima County Mental Health Court.  Tucson City Court. 

Tribal Behavioral Health Contact List.  Contact information for Tribal Members throughout Arizona.


Humboldt County Superior Court Humboldt Mental Health Court established in 2000.  

Los Angeles Court Juvenile Mental Health Services

Mendocino County Superior Court- Behavioral Health Court

Monterey County Superior Court Monterey County Mental Health Court established in 2001.

Orange County Dual Diagnosis Court.  Orange County Superior Court .  Established in October 2002.

Placer County Superior Court .     Placer County Mental Health Court. 

San Bernardino County Superior Court San Bernardino Treatment Court established in Jan. 2001.

San Francisco Co. Superior Court San Francisco Co. Mental Health Court established Jan. 2003. 

Santa Barbara Co. Superior Court Santa Barbara Co. Mental Health Court established July 1999. 

Santa Clara County Juvenile Delinquency Mental Health Court   --Court for the Individualized Treatment of Adolescents.  Established February 14, 2001. 

Santa Clara County Superior Court Santa Clara Mental Health Court established September 1999. 

Solano County Superior Court. When a mentally ill family member is arrested.

Superior Court of California, County of Sonoma .  Established in 1998.  

Mental Health Courts.  California Courts: Programs: Collaborative Justice.

Mentally Ill Offenders in California Criminal Justice System


Colorado Judicial Branch: Problem Solving Courts.  Provides locations of adult and juvenile mental health courts located throughout CO.

Colorado Drug Courts Study.  2008 Study prepared in response to a Joint Budget Committee request for information on all of Colorado's problem solving courts, including adult and juvenile mental health courts.


Department of Mental Health & Addiction Services.  Jail Diversion/Court Liaison programs in CT providing court-based services to persons with psychiatric and co-occurring disorders who are arrested on minor offenses.


Mental Health Courts.  Provides contact information for mental health courts located throughout Florida.  As of March 2015, FL has 27 mental health courts operating in 15 circuits.

Mental Health: Transforming Florida's Mental Health System. 2007. A lengthy overview of mental health initiatives in Florida. 


Council of Accountability Court Judges of Georgia.  Established in 2015 by the GA Legislature to improve accountability courts and their quality through the expertise of Judges.

Link to Mental Health Court Websites in Georgia.  Published by the Council of Accountability Court Judges of Georgia.

Criminal Justice Coordinating Council's Grant Program for Accountability Courts in GA.  Created in 2012 by the GA Legislature, the Accountability Court Program, though its Accountability Court Funding Committee, created by Executive Order, awards grants to support local mental health courts.

Adult Mental Health Standards Treatment Court

Dekalb County Diversion Treatment Court.  Established May 2001, it is the longest running mental health court in Georgia.


Daranciang, Nelson. "3 Finish Mental Health Court." Honolulu Star Bulletin, February 20, 2008.

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Mental Health Court

Mental Health Court Eligibility and Criteria


Idaho's Problem Solving Courts Coordinators & Committee.  Provides contact information for mental health courts and their coordinators located throughout Idaho.

Idaho's Problem Solving Court Guidelines.  Provides a link to the Mental Health Court Guidelines for Effectiveness and Evaluation, adopted in 2015.


Mental Health Court Locations and Contact Information.  Provided by the Illinois Center of Excellence for Behavioral Health and Justice. 

Uniform Standards, Certification and Application Forms.  The Illinois Association of Problem-Solving Courts provides these forms, approved by the IL Supreme Court in November, 2015.  All Problem Solving Courts in IL will have to be certified by the IL Supreme Court by 1/1/17.


Problem-Solving Courts.  Indiana Judicial Center provides contact information for Mental Health Courts located throughout IN, as well as Problem-Solving Court Rules, Practice Guidelines and Certification Applications.


Comprehensive Jail Diversion Program Study of the possible establishment of a comprehensive statewide jail diversion program, including the establishment of mental health courts.


City of Wichita Mental Health Court.  Established in 2009.


Hamilton County Mental Health Court.  Established in 2002.

Northern Kentucky Regional Mental Health Court. Establishing a regional mental health court servicing Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties is one step towards alleviating jail overcrowding in all three counties.

Local Mental Health Court Rules


Orleans District Mental Health Court. Established December 2003 as part of the Orleans Parish Criminal District Court.


Co-Occurring Disorders and Veterans Court in Augusta.  Civilian and Veteran tracks for adults with co-occurring substance abuse disorders and mental illness.  As the only specialty docket in Maine, it accepts referrals from throughout the state.


Mental Health Courts.  Office of Problem Solving Courts, Maryland Judiciary.

Baltimore City Mental Health Court.  Established April 2003. This brochure contains contact, background, eligibility and purpose information regarding the Baltimore City Mental Health Court.

Harford County Mental Health Diversion Program.  Established in 2004.

Process Evaluation of Harford County Mental Health Diversion Program.  Detailed evaluation of Harford County's Mental Health Diversion Program by the Maryland Judiciary Research Consortium.


Massachusetts Mental Health Courts.  Provides background and locations of all mental health courts located throughout MA.


Michigan Mental Health Courts.  Provides contact information for mental health courts located throughout MI.  Also provides links to model guidelines on establishing mental health courts in Michigan.

Michigan's Problem-Solving Courts Report.  Solving Problems Saving Lives.  A 2015 Michigan Supreme Court report on performance and outcomes of MI's problem solving courts.


Minnesota Judicial Branch.  Provides contact information for mental health courts in MN.

Hennepin County Probate/Mental Health Court.  Handles the legal process involving commitment of people to treatment centers.

Ramsey County Mental Health Court.  Diversion program.



Clark County Mental Health Court .  8th Judicial District Court.  Established December 2003. 

Washoe County Mental Health Court .  Second Judicial District Court.  Established November 2001.     

Nevada Specialty Court. Specialty Courts are problem-solving courts that help break the cycle of drug and/or alcohol addiction that can influence adult criminal activity, juvenile delinquent behavior, or parental abuse and/or neglect of children.

New Hampshire

Drug and Mental Health Courts.  Provides a link to each Mental Health Court in NH.

Mental Health Courts Explained.  The Concord Circuit Court Division's Brochure explaining the Mental Health Court.

New Mexico

New York

Mental Health Courts. A listing of all Mental Health Courts in New York.

Brooklyn Mental Health Court.  Kings County Supreme Court.  Established March 2002. 

Ithaca Drug Court.  Established January 1998.  Eligibility is mental illness and chemical abuser.

New York Problem Solving Courts. These courts help judges and court staff to better respond to the needs of litigants and the community. Problem-solving courts look to the underlying issues that bring people into the court system, employ innovative approaches to address those issues, and seek to simplify the court process for litigants.

North Carolina

Orange County Community Resource Court.  Established May 2000.

Mental Health Treatment Courts

Family Dependency and Drug Treatment Courts. FDTC is a response to the need for greater accountability of parents of abused and/or neglected children and the treatment and justice systems intended to serve them. The program is available to parents who have lost custody of their children or who are in danger of losing custody of their children due to abuse and/or neglect where the courts have jurisdiction over the case and family.


Akron Municipal Mental Health Court (Summit County).   Established in 2001. 

Athens County SAMI Court .   (Substance Abusing Mentally Ill Offenders) Athens City Municipal Court.  Established August 2003. 

Butler County SAMI Court .   Established Spring 2000. The link takes you to a brief description of the program.

Ohio Mental Health Courts and Programs .  This is a map that shows where mental health courts or programs are located within Ohio, organized by type of court such as municipal, juvenile or common pleas.

List of Specialized Docket Programs


Mental Health Court Contact Information by County.

Mental Health Courts

Adult Drug Court. Adult drug court programs provide eligible, non-violent, felony offenders the opportunity to participate in a highly structure, court supervised treatment program in lieu of incarceration.

Family Drug Court. FDC’s seek to do what is in the best interest of the family by providing a safe and secure environment for the child while intensively intervening and treating the parent’s substance abuse and other co-morbidity issues.


Clackamas County Mental Health Court. First such court in Oregon, established in November 2003. Lane County Drug Court. Lane County, Oregon has employed its drug court to improve supervision of individuals with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders participating in the post-booking jail diversion program. For information visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Marion County Juvenile Drug Court (STAR Court). STAR Court, for Supervised Treatment and Recovery, is a strength-based program promoting integrated treatment for youths who have both substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Washington County Circuit Court Mental Health Court


Pennsylvania Problem Solving Courts. The goal of problem-solving courts is to supervise the treatment and rehabilitation of carefully screened and selected defendants to try to change their behavior. Instead of a jail sentence, defendants are given counseling, treatment for their addictions or illnesses, educational assistance and healthcare support.

Allegheny County Mental Health Court.  Established July 2001.

Erie County Mental Health Court. Established March 2002.

Philadelphia Mental Health Court

South Carolina



Tarrant County Mental Health Court Diversion Program. The Mental Health Court Diversion Program is a pre-trial post-booking diversion program for the mentally impaired participants.

Dallas County Mental Illness Court

Bexar County Mental Health Court/ Initiative

Travis County Mental Health Court


Third District Coordination of Care Court. The Third District Coordination of Care Court is engaged in a collaborative project, along with its partners, to maintain a mental health court specific to juvenile offenders who have a diagnosable mental illness.

Adult Mental Health Court

Mental Health Court Certification Checklist

Mental Health Court Program

Utah Problem Solving Court Application



Drug Courts and Other Problem Solving Courts
Clark County Mental Health Court.  Established in 2000.  

King County, WA Mental Health Court.  Established February 17, 1999. 

Mental Health Court.  Municipal Court of Seattle. 

Spokane County District Court Mental Health Docket.  Established December 2002.

Thurston County Mental Health Court.  Established December 2005. 

Mental Health Court Directory

West Virginia