Children, Families & Elders


Presents information on the number and kinds of adoptions (public, private, and independent) taking place in the states as well as the impact pf the termination of parental rights.

Dependency Courts

Provides information on child abuse and neglect, child protective services, foster care, court-appointed special advocates, open hearings, model courts, and more.

Domestic Violence

Contains information and resources on the justice system's response to domestic violence, including custody issues, protection orders, the Violence Against Women Act, child abuse, and a coordinated community response to domestic violence.

Family Courts

Provides information on specialized courts for family and domestic matters, which often handle custody and visitation, child support, termination of parental rights and adoption, dependency, status offenses, delinquency, and occasionally domestic violence.

Juvenile Justice

Covers issues of jurisdiction and structure of specialized juvenile courts, juvenile judges and other court officers, juvenile delinquency, and juvenile-court administration and services.


Covers guidelines and procedures for setting and collecting child support and examines issues such as factors used to determine the best interest of the child, evaluations, and parental education.