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Pima County Family Drug Court . Pima County Juvenile Report. Included are the Court's mission and vision statements, goals, history, and contact information.


County of San Francisco, Superior Court of California's Dependency Drug Court .



Council of Accountability Court Judges of Georgia.  Established in 2015 by the GA Legislature to improve accountability courts and their quality through the expertise of Judges.

Link to Family Treatment Court Websites in Georgia.  Published by the Council of Accountability Court Judges of Georgia.


Family Drug Court.  Hawai'i State Judiciary.


Family Drug Courts.  A community based approach to substance abuse treatment that supports the family to remain or regain the roles as primary parents for their children.  Five pilot county sites: Linn, Polk, Scott, Wapello, and Woodbury.


Family Court & Adult Drug Court. Kentucky Court of Justice. This site includes program goals, benefits to families and the community, eligibility requirements, and contact information.


Family Treatment Drug Court . Maine Judicial Branch. This site has information on the program, including referral and program benefits.

Evaluation of the Lewiston Family Treatment Drug Court.  2007 Study of Process and Outcome Evaluation.


Family/Dependency Drug Treatment Court Programs. Office of Problem Solving Courts. This guide includes information on planning a family dependency treatment court.

Office of Problem Solving Courts.  Provides a directory to contact family dependency treatments courts located throughout MD.


Family Dependency Treatment Courts .  Michigan State Court Administrative Office.


Family Dependency Court. Minnesota Judicial Branch provides information for Family Dependency Courts located in MN.


Greene County Family Dependency Treatment Court Policies and Procedures Manual . Greene County Family Court. This manual includes general program and staff information, services, eligibility, admission process, screening and assessment, program fees, phase descriptions, forms, and other useful information.


Washoe County Family Drug Court . Washoe County Family Court.
This site includes links to the Family Drug Court overview, orientation, and policies.  The
Policies Manual includes contact information, mission statement, eligibility criteria and admission steps, incentives and consequences, and other program information.

New York

Drug Treatment Courts 2009 Annual Report. New York State Unified Court System. This report includes a section on Family Drug Treatment Courts. As of December 31, 2009, there was at least one Family Drug Treatment Court in operation in 55 counties statewide.

North Carolina

Family Dependency/Drug Treatment Courts. North Carolina Court System.
There are currently twelve family dependency drug treatment courts in the state.  This site includes court information, a list of existing courts, target population and eligibility, and related links.


Ottawa County Family Dependency Treatment Court . Ottawa County Juvenile Court. This site contains program information.

Butler County Family Drug Court . Butler County Juvenile Justice Center. This site contains program information.


Family Drug Treatment Court Standards.

Virginia Supreme Court. This guide provides information on Virginia's Family Drug Treatment Courts and its standards.


King County Family Treatment Court Program . Juvenile Court Department of the King County Superior Court. This site includes program goals, description, components, eligibility, application process, demographics, participation requirements, cost effectiveness, community partners, contact information, and related links.

Spokane County Family Treatment Drug Court. Spokane County Superior Court. This site includes court information, mission statement, and program goals.

Thurston County Family and Juvenile Court Drug Treatment Courts.
In 2000, Thurston County was the first Court in the state to develop a Treatment Court program for parents whose children have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect. The program has served 112 parents since it began.