Juvenile Justice

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Division of Juvenile Justice. Alaska Department of Health and Human Services.

Alaska Court System. The Superior Court has jurisdiction of delinquency cases.


Juvenile Justice Services Division . Arizona Supreme Court, Administrative Office of the Courts.  Superior Court has jurisdiction in delinquency matters.

Arizona Department of Juvenile Corrections .



Arkansas Judiciary . The Juvenile Division of Circuit Court has jurisdiction over juvenile delinquency. 

Division of Youth Services . Arkansas Department of Human Services.


Juvenile Delinquency

Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.  Division of Juvenile Justice.


Division of Youth Corrections .  Colorado Department of Human Services.


Connecticut Judicial Branch .  Superior Courts exercise juvenile jurisdiction through either their Family or Juvenile Divisions, depending on the locality. 

Juvenile Justice System


District of Columbia Superior Court . Superior Court has exclusive juvenile jurisdiction.

Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services .  District of Columbia Department of Human Services.


Delaware Family Court . Family Court has exclusive juvenile jurisdiction in Delaware.

Delaware Division of Youth Rehabilitative Services .




Hawaii Family Courts .  Family Courts in Hawaii have exclusive juvenile jurisdiction.

Hawaii Juvenile Justice Information System .  Hawaii State Department of the Attorney General, Crime Prevention and Justice Assistance Division.




Indiana Judicial System . Indiana Circuit Courts exercise general jurisdiction over all trial matters, including juvenile delinquency, with the single exception of in St. Joseph County, where the St. Joseph Probate Court has exclusive delinquency jurisdiction.  

Indiana Division of Youth Services



Kansas District Courts exercise general trial jurisdiction, including over juvenile matters.

Kansas Juvenile Justice Authority. 


Kentucky District Courts exercise exclusive juvenile jurisdiction.

Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice.


Office of Youth Development. Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections.



Maryland Department of Juvenile Justice .

Maryland Courts .  Juvenile courts are part of the Circuit Court in all counties except Montgomery County, where the juvenile court is part of the District Court.  


Massachusetts Juvenile Court Department .  Massachusetts has a Juvenile Court Department within its Trial Court that exercises jurisdiction over juvenile proceedings.

Department of Youth Services . Commonwealth of Massachusetts.




Mississippi State Profile. National Conference for Juvenile Justice website. 

Division of Youth Services . Mississippi Department of Human Services.



Division of Youth Services  . Montana Department of Corrections.

Montana State Judicial Resources .  Montana District Courts have exclusive juvenile jurisdiction.


Nebraska Juvenile Courts . Nebraska has separate juvenile courts in 3 counties.  Juvenile cases are heard in County Courts in the other counties.

Nebraska Health and Human Services .


New Hampshire

New Hampshire Judicial Branch Court Structure . New Hampshire District Courts have juvenile jurisdiction, except in two counties, which are running Family Division pilot programs wherein the Family Division has juvenile jurisdiction.

New Hampshire Juvenile Justice Profile .  National Center for Juvenile Justice.

New Jersey

New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission .  State of New Jersey.

Anchor House   A multi-service agency for runaway, homeless, abused, and at-risk youth and their families.

New Mexico

New Mexico District Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over juvenile delinquency and youthful offender matters.

New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department.

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota

North Dakota District Courts exercise jurisdiction in juvenile matters.

Juvenile Policy Board. North Dakota Supreme Court.


Structure of the Ohio Judicial System. Ohio’s Courts of Common Pleas, Juvenile Division, exercises juvenile jurisdiction.

Ohio Department of Youth Services.


Office of Juvenile Affairs. Oklahoma Department of Juvenile Justice.

Oklahoma Department of Human Services



Rhode Island

Rhode Island Family Courts exercise jurisdiction in juvenile matters.

Juvenile Justice Division . Rhode Island Justice Commission.

Juvenile Prosecution Unit . Rhode Island Department of Attorney General.

Rhode Island Department of Human Services.

South Carolina

Family Courts exercise jurisdiction over juvenile matters in South Carolina.

South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice.

South Dakota

South Dakota’s Circuit Courts are trial courts of general jurisdiction over all criminal matters, including juvenile delinquency.

South Dakota Department of Corrections .


Tennessee Department of Children's Services, Division of Juvenile Justice


Texas Judiciary Online for district-by-district court information. Juvenile jurisdiction in Texas is assigned to different courts in different counties and may include District Courts or County-Level Courts.

Texas Juvenile Justice Department (TJJD) .



Utah’s Juvenile Courts have jurisdiction in delinquency and related matters.

Utah Department of Human Services. Division of Youth Corrections.

Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice.



Virginia’s Judicial System .  Virginia’s General District Courts, Juvenile and Domestic Relations division, have jurisdiction in juvenile matters.

Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice .

Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). DCJS is responsible for the administration of the JJDP Act in Virginia and related funding streams.


Washington State Superior Courts exercise jurisdiction in juvenile matters.

Washington State Governor's Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee

Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration . Washington State Department of Social and Health Services.

West Virginia

West Virginia Judicial System . West Virginia Circuit Courts exercise juvenile jurisdiction.

West Virginia Division of Juvenile Services . West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety.

Juvenile Justice Programs .  West Virginia Division of Criminal Justice Services.


Wisconsin Circuit Court System . Wisconsin Circuit Courts exercise with responsibility for juvenile matters.

Division of Juvenile Corrections . Wisconsin Department of Corrections.


Wyoming Court System. Wyoming District Courts are general jurisdiction trial courts with authority to hear juvenile matters.

Wyoming Department of Family Services.