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Arkansas Youth Mediation Program
A project of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock William H Bowen School of Law. Trained mediators travel throughout the state to work with cases that directly affect youth, including truancy cases.


California law provides for a truancy mediation program. See the Truancy section of the California Department of Education.

The Sacramento County Probation Department includes information about the Neighborhood Alternative Center.
The San Mateo School District truancy program includes truancy mediation.

The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office has a program called "Abolish Chronic Truancy" (ACT) which seeks to intervene the early stages of truancy in elementary and middle school students.


Truancy Intervention: National Models and Connecticut Initiatives
This report, compiled in December 2011 by the Center for Children's Advocacy, outlines the national programs that Connecticut is looking  to in order to improve their own truancy mediation program.

A New Haven community mediation center, Community Mediation, Inc., provides truancy mediation services. See Carol Davis, "Conflict Resolution Available to Families with Out-of-Control Teens,", American News Service (1999)


Cobb County School District Truancy Court Coordinator

The Cobb County School District has a very close relationship with the Cobb County Juvenile Court and many cases go through the court's mediation program.


In Honolulu, the Neighborhood Justice Center collaborates with the Community Policing Team of the Honolulu Police Department and the state Department of Education to offer mediation services in cases of truancy and related matters.


Tippecanoe County Mediation Program

Tippecanoe County has a truancy mediation program that serves 34 public schools in 3 school districts. Once a student/family is placed in the program, their attendance is monitored for a minimum of six months.


Truancy Diversion Program

The Kentucky Court of Justice has a Truancy Diversion program that includes a mediation component.


Attendance Mediation Program

The University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law created an Attendance Mediation Program in 2007 to address poor attendance in Baltimore city schools. The program targets elementary and middle school students and the mediations are free.


Minnesota statutes for truants including truancy mediation and more specifically truancy mediation (such as 260A.07 County attorney truancy mediation program

Stearns County Truancy Mediation
Stearns County has a Truancy Mediation Program for students over age 12.


The Clark County school board and Clark County social services have developed a peer mediation program that includes a truancy component. See Donni Le Boeuf and Robin V. Delany-Shabazz, "Conflict Resolution, Delinquency and Violence."

New Hampshire

The Town of Milford provides free mediation services through its Milford Area Mediation Program; truancy is listed among the issues for which services are provided. Families may contact the program directly or through referrals by the schools, police, courts, human service agencies, and others.

New Jersey

New Mexico

The Center for Dispute Resolution’s Youth Corrections mediation program curriculum includes a mediation component. The program, like many youth and peer mediation programs, was established in part to combat truancy. See Donni Le Boeuf and Robin V. Delany-Shabazz, "Conflict Resolution, Delinquency and Violence".

New York

The Crown Heights Community Mediation Center, located in Brooklyn, operates as a demonstration project of the Center for Court Innovation, an arm of the New York State Unified Court System. The Center’s volunteer mediators provide mediation in truancy cases, among many others.

North Carolina


 Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution. Ohio Truancy Prevention Through Mediation: An Overview. (Columbus, OH: 2001) Other documents related to truancy mediation in Ohio are available from the Commission. The list includes a program brochure, standards of practice, evaluations, and reports.


Truancy Mediation- Oregon Judicial Department
The Washington County Circuit Court has mediators for truancy cases.

South Carolina

The Community Mediation Center, of Columbia, provides truancy mediation services to citizens in its region.

Conflict Solutions, LLC, of Columbia, provides truancy mediation services to the Richland County Schools (Richland County School District 1 and Richland County School District 2).


Harris County Dispute Resolution Center
Harris County has a truancy mediation program.

The Texas Bar Foundation has awarded the Austin School District a grant of $10,000 to help fund a Truancy Mediation Project. See the press release from October 30, 2003 for a description of the program and grant.

Tribal Courts

Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (North Carolina) received a grant from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) Tribal Youth Program to fund a variety of projects, including truancy mediation


In 1999, then-Superior Court Judge Robert Rosenfeld, of Bennington, Vermont, in cooperation with the Bennington Center for Restorative Justice, Bennington College, and the Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union, launched Quantum Leap, a diversion and intervention program for habitual truants and other students at high risk for dropping out of school. The program was established in response to the 25 percent dropout rate at Mount Anthony High School in Bennington. Community volunteers and student mediators from Bennington College are active in the program. The program’s directors, Bennington College faculty members Susan Sgorbati and Danny Michaelson, serve on various boards and task forces at the local and state levels seeking to address truancy and other challenges to the public education system. The program is now cosponsored exclusively by Bennington College and the Southwest Vermont Supervisory Union; Quantum Leap recently was given its own classroom at Mount Anthony Union. Referrals come from the schools and from social services. The program’s success at addressing the causes of truancy has resulted in the nearly complete elimination of truancy cases from the Bennington Superior Court docket. A similar program has been launched in Brattleboro.


The Office of the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court of Virginia in 2001 awarded grants to fund the following local truancy mediation programs.

The Halifax County J&DR district court is providing early intervention mediation services for habitual truants and runaway juveniles through Donald Hochstein, a local mediator.

Truancy mediation is available in the J&DR district courts of Amherst, Bedford, and Appomattox counties and the City of Lynchburg through a grant to Peaceful Alternatives Community Mediation Services in Monroe.

The Juvenile Accountability and Reparation Program, started by Nancy Siford, Inc., of Ashland, provides mediation services in truancy and other juvenile matters in the J&DR district courts for the counties of Buckingham , Cumberland, Prince Edward, Spotsylvania, and Westmoreland.

The Williamsburg/James City County Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court, Ninth Judicial District Court Service Unit, Center for Conflict & Conciliation, Williamsburg/James City County Schools, James City County Division of Social Services, and Williamsburg Division of Social Services, along with the Colonial Community Criminal Justice Board, obtained a grant from the Department of Dispute Resolution Services of the Supreme Court of Virginia to start a truancy mediation program. The $4000 grant will allow them to mediate 20 cases at three pilot sites. The program, "Let's Talk: A Truancy Mediation Program," will provide mediation services to families in elementary, middle, and high schools, track mediation outcomes, and facilitate communication among mediators, courts, and school personnel. For more information, please contact Rick Richardson, Program Coordinator, Student Services, WJCC Public Schools, 3925 Midlands Road, Williamsburg, VA 23188, Phone 757-253-0004, or Amanda E. Hayes, Criminal Justice Planner, Colonial Community Criminal Justice Board, 4093 Ironbound Road, Suite B, Williamsburg, VA 23188, Phone 757-564-2311, Fax 757-229-8963.


King County Superior Court administers grants to school districts and community agencies for programs designed to reduce truancy. Mediation services will be among the programs supported by the "Stay in School Project," the court will provide referrals for these services as needed.


Mediation and Restorative Justice System

Wisconsin Community Services' Mediation and Restorative Justice Center has "Agree to Succeed," a truancy mediation program for families and school officials.