Complex Litigation

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Brief of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States of America as Amicus Curiae in Support of Joint Petition for Writ of Mandamus. Flexible Products Co., et al, v. Micon, Inc. CV-01-1194, CV-01-1341, CV-02-1518.


Alaska Superior Court at Anchorage Uniform Pretrial Order


The Supreme Court of Arizona has established a Committee to Study Complex Litigation.  See Administrative Order No. 2001 - 122. 


The Supreme Court of Arkansas has distinguished between two types of mass torts cases under Arkansas law in its 1999 opinion, Jeanne Baker et al., v. Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories Division, Inc. and A.H. Robins Company, Ltd.


Complex Civil Litigation Program Fact Sheet (July 2005)

Complex Litigation Centers exist in the Superior Courts of Alameda, Contra Costa (e-filing for designated complex litigation cases), Orange, San Francisco (Complex Civil Litigation and Asbestos), and Santa Clara.

The San Diego Superior Court has a Latex Glove JCCP site "intended to facilitate communication between the court and counsel on the variety of matters relating to the coordination and processing of latex glove cases filed in California." Various sections of the site are devoted to case list, calendars, minutes/orders, case management plan, liaison counsel, and the discovery referee.


Complex litigation docket for civil cases with multiple litigants and/or legally challenging issues or multi-million dollar claims for damages currently available in Middletown (Middlesex JD), Waterbury, New Britain, Stamford and Rockville (Tolland JD). Cases accepted are assigned to an individual judge, who presides over all aspects of the case. Site includes notice to attorneys and application for case referral-complex litigation docket.


Federal Courts

Federal Judicial Center educational programs.


The Florida Supreme Court has created a Task Force on Management of Cases Involving Complex Litigation  under Administrative Order AOSC 06-53 .



Kentucky has formed a Mass Tort and Class Action Litigation Committee to safeguard against potential abuses in tort litigation.


The state's general assembly created a task force to consider the feasibility of a specialized court for business and technology disputes. The result is the Business and Technology Case Management Program . The site contains information about the program, rules, protocol, opinions, links, and information about mediators.


Suffolk Superior Court for Civil Business  

Several counties are served by the Business Litigation Session of the Superior Court. See Administrative Directive No. 03-1, making the sessions permanent and expanding venue.


St. Louis, Missouri's 22nd Judicial Circuit has adopted Local Rule 6.2.4 regarding assignment of complex cases, including mass torts.


The 2001 legislature created an asbestos claims court. Claims consist of actions brought for recovery of monetary damages for personal injury, wrongful death, loss of consortium, or other injury arising out of an asbestos-related disease alleged to result from mining or processing vermiculite, or the transfer, storage, installation, or removal of a product containing vermiculite. 

A civil action involving such claim may be tried by a judge pro tem or special master who is a member of the state bar, agreed upon in writing by parties, appointed by the supreme court as an asbestos claims judge, and sworn to try the cause.  

See Mont. Code Ann. 3-20-101 et seq.


Washoe County (Reno) Business Court. Local R. 2.1 contains subject matter jurisdiction; also any case judge deems appropriate. No cap on dollar amount.

New Jersey

New York

New York Supreme Court Commercial Division.

New York also utilizes a Litigation Coordinating Panel for matters pending in more than one judicial district.

North Carolina

North Carolina Business Court : includes local rules , contact information, opinions, e-filing information , practice pointers , docket, pro hac vice rules , orders, FAQ , announcements , and section on synthetic stucco class action (see above).



First Judicial District of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia) Commerce Program .

Pennsylvania has established a
Complex Litigation Center , with provision for mass torts cases.


Bridgestone/Firestone, Ford, and General Motors Litigation in Sixth Circuit Court , Davidson County, Tennessee. All cases filed in the Circuit Courts for Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, in which Bridgestone Corporation, Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc., and either Ford Motor Company or General Motors Corporation are co-defendants have been consolidated for all pre-trial matters and assigned to Judge Thomas W. Brothers , Sixth Circuit Court, 20th Judicial District of Tennessee. The site includes orders for 01MD-2 and 01MD-3,  plus contact information for the special master.

West Virginia

The Supreme Court of Appeals has created a Mass Litigation Panel via administrative order.

Proposed Senate Bill 311 would permit judges to use "out-of-county" jurors for mass torts cases.