Graphic Novels and Lesson Plans

Justice Case Files 6: The Case of No Pets Allowed tells the story of the Ruiz family, who has received an eviction notice from their landlord because they own a dog. The parents speak minimal English and rely on their teenage son, who is bilingual, for English translation. The book follows the family through the court process of fighting the eviction but not understanding the process because of language barriers.

Justice Case Files 5: The Case of the Cyberbully tells the story of Amber, who is bullied at school and online by classmate Madison. The bullying escalates to the point the case winds up in juvenile court.  Lesson plans for teachers!

Justice Case Files 4: The Case of the Broken Controller is a narrative coloring book available to download for free.

Justice Case Files 3: Case of Jury Duty. NCSC. Tells the story of Matthew Foley, an 18-year-old who has been summoned for jury duty on a case that involves underage drinking and driving. Through Matt’s story, readers learn how meaningful jury service is, how the jury system is a source of accountability for courts, and how our society benefits from the right of a jury of your peers. Lesson plans for teachers!

Justice Case Files 2: The Case of Stolen Identity. NCSC. Tells the story of the Garcia family, whose identity is stolen through an email phishing scam. Lesson plans for teachers!

Justice Case Files 1: Case of Internet Piracy. NCSC. Tells the story of Megan, a college freshman charged with downloading music, and her grandmother who has received notice that the city plans to take her house through eminent domain. Lesson plans for teachers!