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Dress Code.  The Dress Code for the Municipal Court of the City of Montgomery, Alabama.  This administrative order is posted in the courthouse, on the website, and states that attorneys are responsible for informing any individuals that they are responsible for.


Inappropriate Dress.   Los Angeles Superior Court Rules.  This dress code distinguishes between officers of the court and members of the public. (pg. 50, pg.29/69 on page viewer)

Dress Code.  Superior Court of California, County of Kern Juvenile Court. Dress code that regulates what juveniles would wear to court. (Click on "Juvenile" tab at top of page)

Courtroom Attire. Oakland Police Training Bulletin.  Addresses courtroom attire regarding Police Officers.





Dress Code Policy . Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice. This is a comprehensive dress code policy, including personal hygiene and grooming guidelines. There is a policy section regarding court attire.

Courtroom Conduct. Recorders Court, Chatham County, GA. This policy contains a general dress code and addresses the issue of officers wearing their uniform when on duty.

Dress Code. Dress code for courts in Johns Creek, Georgia.





Courtroom Etiquette and Attire. Washtenaw County Trial Court, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Dress Code Policy. 7th Judicial Circuit Court, Genesee County, Flint, Michigan.

Courtroom Etiquette. 9th Judicial Circuit Court, Kalamazoo County Government.


Municipal Court Dress Code. City of Lee's Summit, Missouri.

New Mexico

Dress Code. Roswell Municipal Court.  This dress code distinguishes between officers of the court and members of the public.


Uniform Trial Court Rule 3.010 

Trial Court Rules, Chapter 3, Decorum in Proceedings. 


Dress Code. General Sessions Local Rules, Rule 1.04, Appropriate Attire Required for the Court.

Dress Code. Criminal Court of Davidson County.


Teen Court Dress Code.   Municipal Court of Crowley, Texas. 

Rules of Decorum.   Local Rules for the Courts of Dallas County.

Melissa Municipal Court Dress and Conduct Code. City of Melissa.

Dress Code.   Trophy Club, Texas Municipal Court.


Courtroom Etiquette. General District Court, County of Chesterfield.

Dress Code. Henrico County Juvenile Court.

Dress Code. York County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court.


Courtroom Dress and Etiquette. FAQ answer regarding appropriate dress for a courtroom. Piece County Disctrict Court.