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20th Judicial District of Colorado, Administrative Order 03-108 (updated September 7, 2005): Firearms. Prohibits firearms "or other deadly weapons, concealed or not," into courtrooms, justice centers, offices, "and all other parts of Courthouses utilized for their county operations."


U.S. Marshals Service's webpage explains the role and responsibilities of the Judicial Security Division regarding court security and screening procedures.


Superior Court security. Includes list of prohibited items and search/screening policies.


The state supreme court's marshal's office is responsible for security of high court judges, court security, emergency management, and buildings and grounds.

Appendix A of the state court Domestic Violence Benchbook (2008) recommends security measures for family courts.

The Alachua County Court Security Bureau is responsible for court security in the county courts.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office provides law enforcement and security to the Hamilton County courts.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Court Services Bureau is responsible for the county's court security. 

The Sumter County Sheriff's Office is responsible for courthouse security, safety of judges and court staff, and entry equipment.



The Court Security Division of the Champaign County Sheriff's Office deals with prisoners, is responsible for juror safety, and provides courthouse security. 

The Kendall County Sheriff's Office provides security for the 16th Judicial Circuit Court. Responsibilities include protection of the judiciary, public, and parties involved in trial; screening at entrances; custody of inmates involved in court proceedings; and response to "trouble" in the courthouse.

Lake County Courthouse Security Brief. Comprehensive list of prohibited items.

The McHenry County Sheriff's Office has a Court Security Division, which is responsible for security in individual courtrooms, sequestered juries, and related duties.


The Indiana Judicial Center maintains documents related to court security. Judges and court staff may download fact sheets, order forms, ordinances, and related documents.


The Iowa State Bar Association's Court Security Task Force issued its final report on December 6, 2005.


Douglas County court security. Includes screening information and duties of deputies.


Kentucky Court of Justice Court Security. Information about Court Security Services.


Judicial Branch Court Security Advisory Committee. Information about the standing committee, including date of establishment, chair, structure, and purpose.


The Office of the Sheriff of Allegany County's Court Security Division is responsible for courthouse security. The site includes the history of that responsibility, staffing, duties, and a brief list of prohibited items.

Prince George's County Office of the Sheriff is responsible for courthouse security.


Massachusetts Court System Security Department. Mission statement and contact information.


Court Security Guidelines (March 2002). Extremely comprehensive manual includes procedures and audit checklists for mail handling, incident reporting, bioterrorism preparedness, training, and legal basis for court security.


Seventh Judicial District Administrative Policy Manual. Includes courtroom management and security in civil procedures, criminal procedures, on computer technologies, weapons and hazardous exhibits in the courtroom, and electronics in the courtroom.


Supreme Court Security. Basic information about the responsibilities of the marshal and deputies; contact information; screening policy; prohibited items.



Clark County posted a message about Courthouse Security and Decorum on its website.

The Washoe County Sheriff's Department is responsible for court security.

New Hampshire

New Jersey

Carchman, Philip S. "Safety in the Municipal Courts: Responding to a Supreme Court Directive." New Jersey Municipalities Magazine (May 2007).

New Mexico

The Judicial Operations Division of the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Office handles screening and related matters.

The Sandoval County Sheriff's Office provides court security for the county.

New York

Ethics Opinion 98-148 (March 11, 1999), states that "it is not improper for a town or village court to use court security services provided by local, county or State law enforcement agencies or peace officers." 

In the 5th Judicial District, the Lewis County Sheriff's Office is responsible for court security, including magnetometer screening.

North Carolina


Ohio Office of Court Security. Links to advisory committee information, services, standards, equipment information, FAQ, and training opportunities.


For information on Oregon please contact the Security and Emergency Preparedness Office located at:
Oregon Judicial Department
Supreme Court Building
1163 State Street
Salem, Oregon 07331-2563
Phone number: 503-986-5635

Puerto Rico

The Immigration Court in Guaynabo has posted security information (screening, staffing, procedures, etc.) on its Web site.

Rhode Island

Among the Rhode Island State Sheriff's Department's responsibilities are "to provide courtroom, courthouse, and judicial security; to provide transportation and custody of inmates and prisoners scheduled for court appearances," and "to provide for the security of the public while in State court facilities."

South Carolina

County Court Security Designated Committee Co-Chairs.

Administrative Order
superseding the July 25, 2000, order issued by the Chief Justice concerning courtroom security (July 10, 2001).


Fairfax County Sheriff's Office: Court Security. Explains responsibilities of the sheriff's office, screening policy, and contact information.


Court Security Committee. Site lists mission statement, committee members, and contacts.

West Virginia

West Virginia Court Security Fund. The state Division of Criminal Justice Services administers the fund. Site lists goals and objectives, legal authority, and a contact. 


SCR 68, Security, facilities and staffing standards for courts.

State of Security in Wisconsin Circuit Court Report. PPAC Subcommittee on Court Security (March 2010). Provides a summary of the results of a 2008 survey on court security in Wisconsin.