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2021 Issue 3

Select Your “Style”—and Solve Problems!

Change is all around us. Whether seeking to address emerging problems, redesigning processes and practices, or implementing a new program, some sort of methodology is used to accomplish the change.  This article illustrates three different problem-solving approaches:  the GROW approach, the OODA loop, and the WOOP model.

Problem-solving models have existed for some time.  One familiar method is the typical problem-solving cycle. An illustration below indicates the cycle steps, ranging from identifying the problem to evaluating outcomes. In practice, the steps can be applied repeatedly to address and refine responses to problems and challenges.

gif of several notable black judicial ficures

2021 Issue 2

Black History Month:
Honoring those who broke barriers and a look at the continuing push for equality

This Black History Month, the National Center for State Courts recognizes some of the brave individuals who fought to break barriers and open the judicial system up to the Black community. These early accomplishments proved important to maintaining the legitimacy of the judicial branch and continuing buy-in of the court’s authority from the communities the courts serve. Representation on the bench remains an issue for some jurisdictions. With societal events of 2020 creating a renewed commitment to racial diversity, including the court system, the National Center explores tried and tested methods for establishing a more inclusive bench.

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2021 Issue 1

Discovering and Managing Your Online Presence

By the time a judge takes the bench for the first time they likely have an extensive online presence. Professionalism, judicial integrity, and security concerns require judges remain on top of their online presence, but how does one go about locating that long forgotten undergrad resume or the comment on a decade old article? In this issue we will explore why your online presence is important, how to discover what personal information is online, and if and how the information can be removed.

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2020 Issue 7

Managing High-Profile Cases

High-profile court cases can suddenly appear on a court's docket leaving courts large or small scrambling to deal with the resulting media frenzy. Twenty years of high-profile cases, rapidly evolving technology, and consortium of experts has resulted in tips and guides to prepare courts for these types
of cases.

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2020 Issue 6

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Challenges and Opportunities for the American Judicial System

The justice system can determine the future of all peoples, whether citizens or aliens.  Therefore, the eradication of all forms of exclusion and discrimination is one of the highest priorities if it will be able to guarantee equal protection under the law to all people.  To meet this obligation, the judicial system must analyze its diversity, equality, and inclusive (DEI) practices, regulations, and policies, both within the organization as well as in the delivery of services.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Portrait2020 Issue 5

Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Six Decades of Expanding Gender Equality in the Law, in the Judiciary, and for the Country

On September 18, 2020, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, associate justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, passed away. In her sixty years as part of the legal community Justice Ginsburg had tremendous impact, becoming a cultural icon in addition to a respected jurist. This issues takes a look back at some of Justice Ginsburg's most impactful moments.

Security Alert

2020 Issue 4

NetWalker Ransonware Alert from NCSC Cybersecurity Court Consulting Services

The FBI issued a flash alert warning of a significant increase in targeted NetWalker ransomware attacks on US and foreign health agencies, governments, private companies, and education entities. NCSC Cybersecurity experts explain the new threat and provides tips to guard against and manage infection.

2020 Issue 3

Remote Interviewing and Onboarding

Courts struggle to attract and retain qualified personnel. Due to worldwide events, many professionals within the United States now find themselves seeking new or more stable employment. Utilizing technology, courts have the opportunity to add to their workforce those who may not have previously considered public sector employment.

2020 Issue 2

COVID-19 and the Courts: A Case Study of Contrasts, Reengineering and Observations

The coronavirus pandemic presents challenges for courts to manage operations and ensure ongoing access to justice while providing a profound opportunity for change. After the urgency settles, courts will be faced with taking the lessons learned and implementing lasting new ways of doing business in a way that measures successes and outcomes.


2020 Issue 1

Trailblazing Women of the State Courts

Meet the trailblazing women who made a difference in the court community in the 20th century.

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